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Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity Inc. Questions. Posted on 10-30-2009
Ft. Lauderdale , FL

Well, I am a young brother who is  currently a senior in high school and I've just recently applied to Howard University. I am also interested in joining Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. I have done my basic research & reading on the organization and they have really appealed to me more than any other organization. As much fun as the college expereicne may be I am looking torwards the future, and havin connections with the organization, since filmmaking is my interest. I'm looking to make an impact in a positive manner and hope this organizaion can promote my growth. By looking @ past posts I never got a clear understanding or tips to aid my process. Some came aross negative and showed no respect for the organization what so ever.

BUT I am in need of some advice, lol.
1. What are some basic reqirements to join Kappa Alpha Psi? (such as fees etc.)
2. Are the Kappa Men of Howard University indeed PROUD? (seen some videos of some Ques..not too moved)
3. Besides Stomping the Yard, What are some positive things done within the community organized by the Kappas?
4. Could you pledge as a Freshman?
5. Basic Methods to approach a brother or to show interest in the Organization.

I am indeed a motivated student, I am looking to join this organization for all the right reasons one being is to take pride as an African-American and making an impact in a most positve manner...Now the Ladies, and the Step Shows all are in good fun and Im not going to lie I am looking forward to that If I choose to attend Howard University, but I need to secure something in the long run.....So with that being said Advice Anyone? lol.

also I know time management is a CRUCIAL issue when joining a organization, but also how much time does this actually take out cause I do want to excell in my studies, as well as work on my craft with filmmaking, but I also want to do service within the organization...Do you believe this can be balanced out?

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lucky34 from sanford, FL replied on 11-03-2009 03:49PM [Reply]

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WhateverHU 24 replied on 12-09-2009 06:13PM [Reply]

The fees differ from chapter to chapter so you would have to inquire once you get to Howard.

You can join beginning your sophomore year or with 30 credits, whichever comes first.

I dont know if Howard Kappas are proud. You would have to ask them. And if you want to know the best way to approach them, again, you would have to ask a Howard Kappa lol. Hope that info helps.

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sheqotit replied on 02-17-2010 04:43PM [Reply]
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danotorious1jd from Dalzell, SC replied on 05-17-2010 08:45PM [Reply]

"sheqotit" wrote:

Yes and which fraternity are you interested in Kappa Alpha Psi or Alpha Kappa Psi? Two completely different frats on campus
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