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Spelman or CAU ! Current students please open Posted on 01-13-2010

Okay so I am currently a junior in High School and I've been thinking about college a lot lately. I definitely want to go to a HBCU and my main focus is CAU & Spelman. If there are any current students that can answer some of my questions i would really appreciate it. 1) Which college is better academically? 2) How much is tuition? 3) I have wanted to pledge DST (Delta Sigma Theta) ever since i was little... Is Greek Life on campus active and if so do they seem like people that are very outgoing and get along with people outside of greek life? 4) One of my major concerns is safety, I am from Brooklyn, NY so i am used to **** and I really want to get away from all of the ****. So how safe is it on campus and how safe is it for a group of friends to go out and come back late at night? 5) How is the campus do you feel comfortable and is it like home away from home? 6) This isnt really important but ... How are the dorms and what is it like living there? 7) Most important of all... What scholarships or grants should i look into? Okay so that is all the questions i have (at least for now) and also if you want to give some more information on CAU or Spelman I would appreciate that also. Thank You in advance 
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > Tha AUC
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