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It's a wrap Posted on 06-22-2004

BigDaddy Tres came @ Mr.Michigan Talking a lil 2 reckless He dont know that i'm big like the state of texas That aint rose gold yung man Thas a bronze neckless But anyway back to the topic Give me the ball Like Kobe imma pop it Even with this hater hand in my face You better off trying 2 **** the watch off mase I got 2 many bars and hooks And you dude is trash You get tossed out Like last years phone book But i aint here to beef Or even battle rap Cause i know my lines Might get tapped Than i hear them on the radio This dude must be crazy yo Put the camera down Go play with a g.i joe I'm on a whole nother level Like the air in Denver My flow flow drop 4 feet of Michigan show Like this was December Yung boy please remember It's Triad up And yeah you came in my spot Get off my nutz
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a-lil-hektik from Moreno Valley, CA replied on 07-01-2004 12:29AM [Reply]
that should not be your best/ trade ur pinks shirts for a halter top or a dress/
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