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Lil Flip vs. TI beef Posted on 06-22-2004

For all yall who thought I was playing about them beefing...I wasnt...heres proof/article straight from MTV.com heres Lil Flips side... Lil' Flip To T.I.: 'If You Make A Leprechaun Mad, You Gonna Feel The Wrath' 06.22.2004 2:55 PM EDT "I don't start beef, but I know how to end it. I don't play by the rules, but I know how to bend it."— Lil' Flip In Hollywood, Warwick Davis dressed up in all green and showed us in his cult-classic "Leprechaun" movies that the gold-chasing shorties had a lovable side as well as an **** side. In hip-hop, it's no different. "You know me, I'm the leprechaun," Lil' Flip said late Monday evening, responding to a hailstorm of disses T.I. spewed at him over the weekend in Atlanta (see "T.I. Starts 'Filet Mignon' Beef With Lil' Flip At Birthday Bash"). "If you cool with the leprechaun, you get good stuff. If you make a leprechaun mad, you gonna have to feel the wrath." The usually mild-mannered Flip was gearing up to show fans another side of himself later on in the night at a show in his hometown of Houston. He was going to lyrically respond to what he says was unprovoked rhyming insults from the Rubber Band Man. "That's how he came at me, onstage, so I'mma come at him the same way. It's really crazy, but if you come at me, I'mma finish it," Flip said. "I don't start beef, but I know how to end it. I don't play by the rules, but I know how to bend it." At Saturday night's ATL concert Birthday Bash 9, T.I. dissed Flip onstage because he said he has a tape of Flip taking shots at him at another concert earlier in the year. Allegedly, Flip told the crowd to tell T.I. "game over" and Flip segued into his hit single by the same name. Flip categorically denies these charges and says that shortly before T.I. turned himself in to police in March, the two did a photo shoot together for a Source magazine cover (that cover was eventually scrapped). "He was all at the photo shoot like, 'Flip, did you do the 'Game Over' remix? I wanna get on there," the Houston native recalled. "T.I. was at my trailer at the photo shoot. So if he had a problem with me, he should have said it then." Flip said he had someone from his camp reach out to T.I. recently because he heard that a dis song might be on the horizon, but he was told nothing was going to happen. The H-Town MC was surprised when he arrived at Birthday Bash 9 and heard T.I. getting at him onstage. "What happened was that I was trying to get to Atlanta," Flip recalled. "They delayed our plane, so we didn't get to the [venue] till like 11:20. Somebody came back like, 'Hey, man, he's talking bad about you.' Right after he did that, they stopped his music in the middle of the show. Right after that, the [radio station] people was like, 'Y'all gotta go.' I was gonna try to go out there on the stage. They told me I couldn't go out there. I had to go." If it were up to Flip, he would just concentrate on making hit records. He has a new single and new album coming out with his group the Clover Gs. One of the members happens to be video ****/ King magazine cover girl Gloria Velez. "We got Gloria, she's doing some stuff out there too, man," Flip said. "I got this little group thing and we thought it would be best to put a girl in the group. You know we always talking about pimpin', but it ain't nothing like when you got a song with a point of view from a man and a woman. I just got her on some tracks to spice it up a little bit. "She can rap," Flip continued. "She likes rapping fast. She can spit. She writes her own sh--. Like it takes me 15 minutes to write, it takes her 15 minutes to go write her sh-- and we out." In his new video for "Sunshine," Flip has his mind on another woman, his baby boo. "Basically the song is called 'Sunshine,' the video is showing a day in the life of Flip," he said. "Girls are throwing theirselves at me, but if you got a good chick at home, all these obstacles in front of you, you can overcome them. All the girls that give their number, instead of calling them, I throw them away." —Shaheem Reid For more on Lil' Flip, check out the MTV News Archive What do you think of this story? You Tell Us E-Mail this story to a friend Back to Headlines
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replied on 06-24-2004 12:06AM [Reply]
Lil Flip is too basic..T.I. wins - on a sidenote nobody freestyles anymore...99% of that ****is written and they end up saying the same verse/lines numerous times
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replied on 06-24-2004 02:14PM [Reply]
Anyone who's from Houston knows that Lil Flip can freestyle from now until next week.. Remember when he was on 97.9 freestyling... they had to go to commercial, and when they got back, this **** was STILL freestyling?? I don't know. There's something special about that. My vote is for LIL FLIP.
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 06-24-2004 07:05PM [Reply]
I put my money on T.I.
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B'Lyse757 replied on 06-25-2004 10:37AM [Reply]
leeegend wrote:
lol...you shoulda seen how flip dissed ti he had a picture of TI's face...and glued it to like an ethiopians body....hahahaha ..
**** that ****is funny as hell and i heard a flip do a **** freestyle... he was still snappin
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