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African-Americans in Afrikah Posted on 06-25-2004

What do you think would happen if all African-americans were to go back to Africa? How would we do? What would happen? Do u think this would have a positive effect on us as a race? How well do you think you would make this transition? What would be left of America?? Hmmmm... I wonder :?
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replied on 06-26-2004 02:24PM [Reply]
veron23 wrote:
sowthwestplaya03 wrote:
Why not?
Because life is hard,very hard.If you think growing up in the hood is a challenge then you aint seen nothing yet.I have seen a few African Americans attempt moving but they always quit after a few months.In my honest opinion,you African Americans should give it a rest,you are not Africans,you will never be Africans.We are as different as day and night.You are all Americans it is better you guys keep it that way.But if you want to move to Africa i would be so very glad to switch positions with you.All you need to give me is your citizenship and i'll give you mine then you can go on your journey of "self discovery".
I dont see a problem with the movement , in fact all i see are positives...i do indeed dectect of hostility towards African Americans. I never said it would be easy , there will have to be a major adjustment but that will pass in time. You should not sow a line of division between Africans and African Americans...you just following in the footsteps of the white man.
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 06-26-2004 02:34PM [Reply]

I'm proud of being of African ancestry and I am proud of our rich history but I honestly wouldn't wanna go back, espcially since I never been.
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replied on 06-26-2004 02:38PM [Reply]
^^^^ ( whats up meagan!!! :wink: ) Dont worry, when I go(sometime after college) I will send you an invitation...and I bet you will like it :!: excuse while I go TIP ON 4-4'S
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replied on 06-26-2004 02:55PM [Reply]
I know a lot of African American who dont like Africans...so its a two way street here...
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cafe-aulait replied on 06-26-2004 11:32PM [Reply]
leeegend wrote:
I know a lot of African American who dont like Africans...so its a two way street here...
Yea most Africans I know are very arrogant... I think I would rather stay in America myself. Like I said, I am already too westernized... I consider myself more American than African, and think I would fare better over here...lol Now a trip to Africa? Yea that would be nice...
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BisonMami replied on 06-27-2004 01:19AM [Reply]
I don't think a mass migration of African-Americans to African is very realistic. Although we as Black Americans are of African descent, we are looked upon as being American. And many Africans do not look to kindly upon Americans or African-Americans for that matter. Only such a migration would be feasible if both groups would be able to come together and realize the common bond. However, that too, does not seem feasible given the vast cultural differences. To put it plainly...African-Americans are too American to be accepted by "true Africans" as I have been told by people from a few different African nations.
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replied on 06-27-2004 06:03AM [Reply]
Yea most Africans I know are very arrogant... I think I would rather stay in America myself.
lol @ arrogant... but I remember Ive had numerous classes...and African americans would be surprised when they learned that theres technology in Africa....I remember one of my friends didnt think they had cars in Africa...Im like OK...Africa is more than what u see on the discovery channel
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replied on 06-27-2004 05:37PM [Reply]
very true ...the white man has will only the farms and desserts of Africa, but will not show the vast cities!! on the other hand the white man only shows black people when there in handcuffs or making a fool of themselves(soul plane or red&method man's show) so bottom line no matter where you go the white man do all he can to divide and conquer black people.... :arrow: but i have a vision one day ...one day black people across the world will realize what is being done to them and then , then we will rise to the TOP!!! :idea:
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replied on 06-27-2004 05:44PM [Reply]
Spelmanlady08 wrote:
.... I am often quick to tell them that to "white" people in America, you are considered just another black person. Do I get angry when people of color try to disown who they are? The answer is yes, because to "white" America, we are still all in a state of inferiority. We try to make ourselves seem better or "whiter" if we say we are not black we're this, or say my hair is longer or straighter, or my skin is lighter. In the end, you are just another person of color trying to get what the "white man" thinks he owns.
:arrow: If every "black" person could realize this, that would be a seed of division that can be erased!! :!:
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G.O.M.A.B. replied on 06-27-2004 06:00PM [Reply]
(off topic) Southwest Playa [your sig] what is the '**** Papers'?
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