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Great Cheap Dates Posted on 06-27-2004
charlotte, NC
Fellas, you All know, that you can't wine & dine your lady friend(s) all the time. :wink: What are some of the best ways to have a good evening on a shoe-string budget... In the past, I've been prone to popping in a dvd from blockbuster, but what else is out there?
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*J.O.* from East Orange, NJ replied on 07-01-2004 03:20PM [Reply]

blaquezilla wrote:
go to red lobster. or you could always buy some candles and stuff of that romantic nature and make a home cooked meal that you taught yourself how to make from internet recipes and have a nice dinner. that's also a win win situation since you will get a lot of cool points. ha ha. one
red lobster aint cheap
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 07-01-2004 04:57PM [Reply]
19OesAggie20 wrote:
Cheap dates usually are more fun date. The spoken word things is ON POINT! Not many guys think of that one. I would LOVE that for real...
Ya'll need to come down to Morehouse then lol. Its pretty big down here. As for ATL, there are so many places you can go that are MARTA accesible, cheap, and still some sort of sophistaction about them. Apache Cafe, Churchhill Grounds (jazz club that i practically lived in this past semester runs u usually about $5 to get in 18 over), Cotton Club and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Hall (I found that students get a serious discount on certain nights. One time I was sittin in seats that were >$100 for $10. I was second row right in the middle from the stage. The student discount definitely worked out in my favor, but that incident is really rare). All these thing s cost less then 10 if you catch them at the right time...
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In Rod We Trust replied on 12-08-2004 11:16AM [Reply]
i was bored....................... so i went back............... cuz there are a few peple on here whose responses I'd like to hear............... Personally, u can drive me around, show me some things I've never seen (at night) and then go to pizza hut and I'll be content and happy................
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Wisdom_Tree replied on 12-08-2004 01:31PM [Reply]
Cheap dates... My dad says a nice cheap date would be to go out for ice cream then hit an Art Gallery or something eclectic like a hole in the wall club (not one thats raging with crazy people). Catch some culture... And just for something to do Id invite the couples I know over my place and play Pictionary or Guestures or something...YahYahYahtzee...
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replied on 12-08-2004 01:47PM [Reply]
Playing jenga would be fun too
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SuperFly replied on 12-08-2004 01:58PM [Reply]
The best cheap date is the one that she pays for.
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replied on 12-08-2004 03:26PM [Reply]
For all the people in the DC metro area :arrow: Many Parks and Gardens in DC, VA, MD :arrow: Be a tourist and go to all of the museums and monuments(take pics) :arrow: Maryland football or b-ball game :arrow: Sit down and People watch(always a good laugh) :arrow: chill in Georgetown and Adams Morgan, Union Station :arrow: Travel up to B-more and go to the inner harbor :arrow: zoo and aquarium(both DC and B-more) :arrow: blacks and wax museum (learn something) :arrow: COLDSTONE ICE CREAM (BEST IN THE WORLD) Cheap if you share a LOVE IT or GOTTA HAVE IT SIZE :arrow: skate, bowl Just know whats going on in ur area that might sound like a good "low cost" date. check the paper and the net
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SuperFly replied on 12-08-2004 03:28PM [Reply]
Are you paying for it?
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SC_Shawty from Columbia, SC replied on 12-08-2004 04:46PM [Reply]

Aggie Highlander wrote:
Are you paying for it?
LOL Hmmmm...
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starsuga82 replied on 12-08-2004 04:54PM [Reply]
You can go swimming, to an arcade, volunteer to do something together. Go take pictures in a pic booth or go to the mall and try on outfits of what you would buy if you weren't broke and take pictures in them. Then go to the food court and try all of the free samples. Go to a free concert or festival (Sweet Auburn, ATL people!!). Make up poems and raps. Play with some kids, they're fun. Go to the dollar show
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