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Which Sorority to Choose?! Posted on 11-23-2015
Tarzan & Janne
Fayetteville, NC
I'm torn between 2 NPHC sororities that I love dearly. In high school & undergrad, sorority [A] appealed to me more than , & its members were more welcoming. I didnít attempt to pledge in undergrad, but now that I'm in grad school & my profession, I feel ready. The tables have turned, however, since being in the "real world".

I'm surrounded by more members of sorority , attend/volunteer at their events, & I've received a warmer reception since beginning this process than with [A]. Sorority has also invited me to join, but I didn't want to commit without trying again with [A]. There's talk of a new line next year, & I still have a case of decision paralysis.

I love them both, but if I'm honest, the sorority showing me the most interest now wasn't my 1st choice. Am I being too picky & superficial? Should I hold out for my "dream pick", or is this a sign that the other sorority is where I need to be?

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phd1974 from Lebanon, PA replied on 07-27-2016 05:19PM [Reply]

Go with what you feel is best for you ... not based on want and desires, but what feels best.
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