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What "white" schools are you guys considering? Posted on 11-15-2003

Is anyone considering white schools out there? I'm curious.
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In Rod We Trust replied on 11-24-2003 11:38AM [Reply]
shauna1983 wrote:
I personally really would not like to go to a white college, but sometimes, I feel that if I want my degree to be respected, I have no choice. I've been going to white schools all my life and little things irritate me about it..for instance, my senior year in high school, I had braids at one time. In my math class the teacher was so facsinated she made a whole class discussion out of it! White people don't understand the concept that we can't wash our hair everyday and they don't understand many other things in our culture. It's real annoying. I would love to experience black colleges, but I don't want to waste my money or time if it won't get me anywhere.
I disagree Shauna because If you look at black colleges such as Howard, Tennesee State, Spelman, Morehouse, and Xavier they get national attention and are considered really good schools, so don't limit yourself like that. And fortune 500 companies come to blacks schools first to add diversity to their companies! Actually Every black college has something great to offer, certain majors that they are known for, you just have the pick the one best for you!
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Kismet_TNT replied on 12-08-2003 05:08PM [Reply]
I'm applied to Marquette University, and University of Wisconsin-Parkside, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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replied on 12-09-2003 05:04PM [Reply]
Well since im from atlanta and attending FAMU for undergrad, i probably just stay in florida and go to the Univeristy of Miami for grad school. I also thought about UCLA and Notre Dame...maybe Harvard! :lol:
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CaramelCuttie05 replied on 12-10-2003 05:07PM [Reply]
The only white school I'am considering applying to is LSU and that's only if I want to stay at home. But I like the atmosphere that a HBCU offers.
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mochabonnie replied on 12-11-2003 09:37PM [Reply]
Actually, I'm kind of in Shauna's predicament...right now I've applied to Emory University and I'll probably apply to Agnes Scott College, here in the ATL, but I've also applied to Spelman and am getting my Howard application together. At first I was kind of afraid of the reputation that HBCU's had compared to some PWIs, but I know that Spelman and Howard in particular are well known schools -- their names are better-known than ASC, even. Right now my top two choices are Spelman and Emory, but I'm not sure which one I want to go to. I'm in love with both of them, but something about Spelman resonates deep within me...as corny as that sounds...I spent this afternoon reading these college books, and all of them had nothing but praise for Spelman (and the AUC), while Emory got a little of both. And all the alumnae from Spelman seemed to have loved it, but Emory's graduates have mixed feelings. I really think I want to go to an HBCU, though...the nurturing environment surrounding it is wonderful. Plus, what's gonna happen when I need someone to wrap my hair or use that curling iron?!
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In Rod We Trust replied on 12-12-2003 08:26AM [Reply]
What books are you reading ? What "mixed" feelings do the Emory graduates have ?
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GoofyGirl replied on 12-13-2003 12:26AM [Reply]
I am currently attending a public university (which is white). I want to attend an HBCU, but my pockets just won't let me at the moment.....You will hear different stories from different people about the amount of respect degrees from HBCU's receive, etc., etc. But don't let that stop you. If you have the skills and you're qualified, they have to recognize that. Besides SO many people cheat their way through school or barely pass....so the degree doesnt really mean anything once it is put to the test. It may give u a few pts. and it may not...but once u get there u still have to prove yourself just like the next person. (Thatz just my opinion) But if the money is there i will be attending an HBCU for grad. school.
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replied on 12-14-2003 11:38PM [Reply]
University of North Carolina Central Michigan University
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SkegeeDyme08 from Stone Mountain and Thomson, GA replied on 12-15-2003 01:25PM [Reply]

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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 12-17-2003 02:46PM [Reply]
Harvard University
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