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Black College Tours Posted on 06-29-2004

Los Angeles, CA
For all of those in the class of '05 and below, if you haven't been to the school of your choice yet, go....It is such an awesome experience. I just got back from a tour that went from last Sun. to this Sun. We went to Clark, Spelman, Morehouse, FAMU, Tuskegee, Southern, and Dillard. Spelman is still my first choice but it was so great to see all of those different campuses and see all of the history and culture and all of the Black students actually doing something with theier lives because I dont see much of that here in Cali. But anywayz, please take my advice, if you have the opportunity to go on a Black college tour or just go individually, GO. You'll definitely be glad you did!! P.S. I'm available for questions about certain campuses.
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Ms. Chocolicious replied on 06-29-2004 08:31PM [Reply]
I got back from one like 2 weeks ago and I had so much fun you wouldn't believe. If you ever get the chance to go on one DO IT...its nothing like seeing a college or university for yourself because some of them are not all they seem be or it might be different that what you would think. I had so much fun on and off the tours. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them also but remember if you can find someone that actually go there it would be better to hear it from them because my opinion on one day is nothing compared to theirs because they see it from day to day. The colleges I went to was: Texas Southern Unversity. Prairie View A&M University, Jarvis Christian College, Texas College, Huston Tillotson, Paul Quinn, Grambling, Southern, Dillard, Xavier, Jackson State University, Alcorn State University, Tougaloo College, Alabama State University, Alabama A&M University, Stillman College, Talladega College, Tuskegee University, Famu, Bethune Cookman College, Clark Atlanta, Spelman, Morehouse, Savannah State University, Fort Valley State University, Tennessee State University, Fisk University, Howard, Hampton, Virginia State University, Norfolk State University, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Bennett College, Johnson C. Smith University, North Carolina A&T State University, Winston-Salem State University, Bowie State University, Morgan State University, and Coppin State College. I THINK thats it I had alot of fun and was gone for a little over 2 weeks. It didn't cost that much either I think my parents payed $300 for it so if you get the chance...go for it!!!
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replied on 06-29-2004 09:29PM [Reply]
^^dang that's alot of schools...only for $300? was it one school a day? and how was your experience at Howard?
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Ms. Chocolicious replied on 06-30-2004 12:26AM [Reply]
Lol no it wasn't one school a day it was actually pretty tiring...we would start touring colleges at about 8 in the morning and would get back to our hotel room around mid night because it was ALOT of traveling. We never stayed at the same hotel 2 nights so we had to be up around 6 to make sure all our stuff was loaded and things like that. It was alot of work but worth it. Howard seemed to be nice but from MY PERSONAL experience it wasn't all I thought it would be. I mean don't get me wrong it was very nice but as far as the campus and stuff it wasn't what I expected at all. Maybe because it is such an old University...I would say you just have to see if for yourself. My tour wasn't all that great because for some reason the people that talked to us made it seem like either you go to Howard or no HBCU at all because the other ones wasn't worth it. Its really seems to be a great school but the location had me scared for a good min. OOO speaking of Howard when we was walking to the bookstore it was a camera crew there and they stopped and asked us things we would like to see and who we expected to win different parts of the BET awards and it was going to be on T/V this weak...but our mean arse over protective sponser wouldn't let us do it. ...but anyways yea Howard is nice just not what I thought it would be in MY opinion (so ya'll please don't jump down my back) Go visit though different people like different things and look for different things in a college so you might love it. If you got anymore questions you can pm me or hit me up on yahoo but I still say I was only there one day so I might not be the best person to ask!!!!
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quannicab replied on 06-30-2004 01:18AM [Reply]
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Ms. Chocolicious replied on 06-30-2004 01:33AM [Reply]
I REALLY liked clark... it was nice. The people that did our tour taught us so much not only about the school but about life. The campus is very nice and the dorm rooms are pretty cool. Oh yea maybe it was just that day but they food was good man. As far as what college I like I want to stay in Texas and go to PVAMU!!! Oh and ya'll if you got questions pm me because I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to take over the topic because it wasn't mine to begin with and Im sure she has alot to say from her tour also!!!
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replied on 06-30-2004 09:34PM [Reply]
"...I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to take over the topic because it wasn't mine to begin with and Im sure she has alot to say from her tour also!!![/quote wrote:
Nah, keep it tre critiques coming. It would be nice to receive opinions from both of you. My aunt graduated from PV in 1993--the campus was nice then, now with the new dorms & suites, it's REAL nice. Instate tuition would be nice, too. :roll: What did y'all think of FAMU and Morehouse?
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Ms. Chocolicious replied on 07-01-2004 12:59AM [Reply]
FAMU was krunk from what I saw...the people that did our tour made it really fun for us because they played around alot but still made sure they made their point. It seems like a fun school to. Man though omg them hills was getting me I was TIRED all that up and down up and down and it was HOT not a good combo. As far as Morehouse honestly I can't tell you to much because the boys went there while the girls went to Spelman...sorry!!!
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FutureSpelmanCutie from Los Angeles, CA replied on 07-01-2004 11:02PM [Reply]

Yeah, I really liked FAMU too. It was just somethng about it that made me feel really comfortable. The students was kool except for some of those thirsty dudes and the campus was really nice and clean (which is very important to me). I think I liked it so much because of the presentation from the Admissions Director. It was so informative and they really kept our attention...Just like Ms.Chocolicious, I wasn't able to go to Morehouse either, we went to Spelman while the boys went there.
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Ms. Chocolicious replied on 07-02-2004 01:50AM [Reply]
Yea I wanted to go to Morehouse to see if the men there are as fine as they say. Yea famu did make you feel comfortable but them hills man... I dunno.
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