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Who's Seen a Full Semester of College... Posted on 07-01-2004
Soundcheck 1898

I'm just curious... I was looking at the age thread and ya'll are some young **** folk lol... I'm suprised to see that i'm older than a good chunk of ya'll. Anyway that leads me too my question... who has actually been in college. I see people reppin schools who haven't seen one credit hour yet and now i can't distinguish who is who, and i know i'm not the only one... So who's who... and whats u're classification As for me, I'm a rising junior... class 06.
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*J.O.* from East Orange, NJ replied on 07-01-2004 04:17PM [Reply]

PimpTight™ wrote:
jumpoff wrote:
I'm a rising Jr. at Del St
Del State....hehehe, a couple of my boy are from Wilmington. They tell me about Del State all the time. Del State....hehehe
whats that supposed 2 mean :?: :?: :?: :evil: :evil:
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ASU_chick08 from Gadsden, AL replied on 07-01-2004 05:07PM [Reply]

Litchfield high School c/o 2004 stand up!!!!! Rising freshman @ Alabama State University!!!!!!
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what's_on_my_mind replied on 07-01-2004 10:41PM [Reply]
Rising Sophomore at Hopefully "MOREHOUSE COLLEGE"
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brownskinlady08 replied on 07-01-2004 10:49PM [Reply]
<<< rising freshman
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Slim GoodyN757 replied on 07-01-2004 10:49PM [Reply]
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In Rod We Trust replied on 07-01-2004 10:54PM [Reply]
Rising Sophomore at THE North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
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P o e t i q R e i g n from Greensboro, NC replied on 07-01-2004 10:55PM [Reply]

Reppin' them INCOMIN' JUNIORZ 4 them OHH SIIXXX AGGIEZ!!!!!!!!
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jadekiss replied on 07-01-2004 10:56PM [Reply]
Rising muhafuccin JUNIOR at North Carolina A&T State University in this biotch! Class of 06 dammit!
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GaPeAcH replied on 07-01-2004 11:16PM [Reply]
Rising sophmore at Bethune-Cookman College
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Porsha7 replied on 07-01-2004 11:27PM [Reply]
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