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how do greeks feel about non-greeks sitting on their bench Posted on 07-01-2004

i was recently on campus and the incoming freshmens where disrespecting the greek benchs (sitting on top of them, laying on them, feet on them) a couple of akas went to the freshmen and told them if your going to sit on the bench sit like u have good sense. the freshmens rolled their eyes and said a smart comment and the akas they didnt respond back they just walked away. so the main question is how do yall feel about people like that sitting on your bench and would you have said something? what would u have done?
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Tiffini from Hampton, VA replied on 03-07-2007 07:09PM [Reply]
I'm sorry that just doesn't happen at our school... I wouldn't LET that happen... GDI's have their own bench, a single, unmarkedbench on the opposite side of the greek benches.
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Blutifully Human replied on 03-14-2007 04:11AM [Reply]
Lol...the AKA connotations isn't what got me when it came to the post, because honestly, I had a Delta vibe from jumpstreet (and i'm not saying that just becuz it's AFTER the fact lol)...but that is neither here nor there. What baffled me about the post is how u went on and on about being well versed about "Greek-tiquette" and some of the "dos" and "don'ts" when it comes to Greek life, but yet contridicted yourself in the end. Since you have so many Greeks in your family, i'm wondering how they missed slipping you the memo about DISCRETION.
evy08 wrote:
I want to pledge myself anyway once I get situated so I wouldn't draw any negative vibes my way in the first place.
*memo*...you're drawing a negative vibe already hun, and you're not even in college yet lol
evy08 wrote:
I actually wanna pledge Delta (lookin at ppl gasping) Yall really can't get over these "signs" can yall.
And just in case i'm not being clear...annoucing that you "want to pledge"...and then later announcing which SORORITY you "want to pledge" on the internet (on a site in which you provided your name, year of graduation, and photo identification no less) isn't exactly too common of a practice in proper "Greek-tiquette".
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Lady Invictus replied on 03-14-2007 12:12PM [Reply]
Some ppl just don't learn...
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 03-15-2007 10:15PM [Reply]
Soul D-Psi-ple wrote:
But, wouldn't you still beat?....lol
my feelings on buffie the body... Bang Bang Bang!!! - ebaumsworld.com throwback!!!!!!
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Blutifully Human replied on 03-17-2007 07:46AM [Reply]
Soundcheck 1898 wrote:
my feelings on buffie the body... Bang Bang Bang!!! - ebaumsworld.com [color="blue"throwback!!!!!!
Hahahahahahahaha....I haven't seen that in a coooool minute. "You want me to do things to you like the sun and the moon. IDIOT. I don't have time. I have too many woman. You know what? I don't want relationship...I just want to BANG BANG BANG!"
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replied on 04-06-2007 04:34PM [Reply]
At first I was like...this is ridiculous...it's just space. And then I thought about it. At my school we have an Alumnae Arch, which our graduating seniors walk under on class day, and only alumnae are supposed to walk under this Arch. It's a special thing that has meaning to all Spelmanites and I thought about how I feel during NSO when I explain to the freshman that they're not supposed to go under it...and how heated me and some of my classmates were when wards of the less meticulous orientation leaders and their oblivious parents walked straight under the Arch, no regards. And I thought, hmm, if I feel that strongly about the Arch here, and my only requirement for getting into Spelman was applying...how much more so would the Greeks feel protective of their plots, when they work so hard to get into their respective groups -- sometimes after YEARS of wanting to be in them? It IS a matter of respect. Regardless of your feelings about GLOs, you know how they feel about their plots, benches, etc. Keep the respect and keep it moving. I mean, it's just a small plot of land, y'all, it's really not so hard to avoid. If you really want to go traipsing all over it, join the GLO.
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 04-09-2007 11:10PM [Reply]
^ I think thats a good perspective to have. We all have those little things that we consider to be symbolic/sacred. Whether they are traditions, objects, or philosophies and at the end of the day we want people to respect these things. Its just human nature. Now i'm not one to trip when somebody crosses the line but I do feel it is a testament to ones character if they do violate these things knowingly. I feel you on that Alumnae Arch... its similar to some traditions we have for students when they become Men of Morehouse and when we leave as Morehouse Men. Somethings seems silly throughout matriculation but once you're on the other side you understand why these tradtions are held in high regard and appreciate them even more. I know i did when i graduate.
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Hornet_Psi replied on 05-04-2007 10:46AM [Reply]
harlemheat wrote:
I dont want to sound mean or anything buttttttttttt I wish a b*tch would tell me to get up from where I am sitting. I aint even going to lie its going to be trouble ....trouble I mean yeah you painted the bench that belongs to the school and the students your frats colors but that dont mean its now yours...if my tuition money paying for the joint ...I'm sitting there..... I hate to be mean but Band Frats get no respect where I'm at....if a band lame dare say something he is definitely prone to getting that ass whomped. Maybe at Howard the Greek scene is fading out because I never see any problems on that front when it comes to greeks stepping out they place. Hell I've seen freshmen beat Greek's asses and thats just embarrassing. Word to the wise.....if you come to Howard with that bull*hit you are prone to getting your ass embarrassed and beat. You never know that person might not even go to school and might be packing heat. Another word of advice be easy on the greek gang stuff(thats what it is) cuz at HU they dont roll hard like that to check anyone.
Good thing I don't go to HU....I would've fought a guy like you. That's just disrespectful. Now, at Del State, the Psi is respected...anyone...and I mean ANYONE who steps out of line and blatantly disrespects the hard work and dedication put into a place to call our own is handled accordingly.
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PrimeTime1919 replied on 05-04-2007 03:55PM [Reply]
Have yet to come across "Harlem Heat" on the Yard... 1-Eta Omega-FA05
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Grape Ape#13 replied on 12-12-2007 09:10PM [Reply]
Out of respect for the Greeks on the yard, non-greeks shouldnt sit on another greeks plot unless being invited to the plot. It is a sign is disrespect to that organization for all of there hard work and a quick way to be black balled if you plan on joining the organization. Best Advise is not to sit there! 06'
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