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how do greeks feel about non-greeks sitting on their bench Posted on 07-01-2004

i was recently on campus and the incoming freshmens where disrespecting the greek benchs (sitting on top of them, laying on them, feet on them) a couple of akas went to the freshmen and told them if your going to sit on the bench sit like u have good sense. the freshmens rolled their eyes and said a smart comment and the akas they didnt respond back they just walked away. so the main question is how do yall feel about people like that sitting on your bench and would you have said something? what would u have done?
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SuperFly replied on 12-12-2007 09:38PM [Reply]
Damn... I'm an old head on this site, and I don't recall seeing this thread. At any rate, I've never had any problems sitting on plots while I was at NC A&T SU. That being said, the only time I've ever been on the plots is if I was stopping to talk to someone that I know. On some occasions I'd stopped by alost every NPHC frat in one day. Hell, they're not going to keep you from stopping by to chill out with good friends and acquaintances. I haven't read every single response and I don't plan on doing so at this point, but I believe that the general consensus is that if you're pretty well accepted on campus and you're stopping by to holla at somebody, I don't believe most organizations have a problem with you chillin out w/ them for a while. I believe I saw one post stating that if that persons tuition money is going towards the area, then they ought to be allowed to sit there. However, as far as I know, most greeks are financially responsible for their own plots and maintain them thusly, aside from perhaps mowing the grass. Hence that arguement is not very valid. As stated in posts before, every campus may not be the same. I am now a student at Fayetteville State, so I don't know how stuff goes down here. But I'd imagine its similar to my original Alma Mater.
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smc112 replied on 12-12-2007 09:53PM [Reply]
Well, personally I wouldn't go sit on anyone's plot because I know people in Greek organizations see that as a sign of blatant disrespect. Yet, like one dude said on this thread... the Greeks shouldn't act stupid over it either. For one thing,...that almost got this student killed at Jackson State University. A local came on campus and sat on the Omega's plot and basically did it on purpose to be disrespectful. The Que tried to go for bad to confront the dude and the local pulled out a gun and shot him. So for him to risk his life over some petty stuff wasn't wise at all. I'm sure his Greek pride flew out the window when he was battling for his life in a hospital. So people need to be very careful with esteeming this stuff higher than it should be. Greeks can not try to act like thugs or gang members and they need to leave that to the real thugs. You can't be educated and a thug at the same time. You have to pick which one you are going to be. The most fights that break out at a club are the ones between Greeks. So my theory is,.. if you are going to be a gang member or a thug, then drop out of school. Quit trying to deceive yourself into thinking you are hard when you are actually a nerd at heart. A thug on the Deans and Presidents list? WHAT???? LOL
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Renegade11 replied on 01-06-2008 04:44AM [Reply]
Well in many ways I feel like that is a sign of disrespect. Someone who has worked hard to join a frat or sorority should be given the respect they deserve. At many schools, I am sure if a Sigma sat on an Alpha train or plot than there would be some type of disagreement (a fight might break out). The thought of someone doing this makes me upset. LOL!!!
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C Nels replied on 01-07-2008 08:51AM [Reply]
I say, "Have a seat". As long as you're not defacing it then I have no problem with you chillin. With so many other spots to chill on campus, I don't see why a non-greek would want to chill at a greek plot anyways. But like I say, it's cool with me. Too bad the administration removed all of the greek plots at Claflin. :cryin:
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replied on 05-23-2008 01:44PM [Reply]
harlemheat wrote:
I dont want to sound mean or anything buttttttttttt I wish a b*tch would tell me to get up from where I am sitting. I aint even going to lie its going to be trouble ....trouble I mean yeah you painted the bench that belongs to the school and the students your frats colors but that dont mean its now yours...if my tuition money paying for the joint ...I'm sitting there..... I hate to be mean but Band Frats get no respect where I'm at....if a band lame dare say something he is definitely prone to getting that ass whomped. Maybe at Howard the Greek scene is fading out because I never see any problems on that front when it comes to greeks stepping out they place. Hell I've seen freshmen beat Greek's asses and thats just embarrassing. Word to the wise.....if you come to Howard with that bull*hit you are prone to getting your ass embarrassed and beat. You never know that person might not even go to school and might be packing heat. Another word of advice be easy on the greek gang stuff(thats what it is) cuz at HU they dont roll hard like that to check anyone.
Well, contrary to what you said...On most campuses, the greeks buy their own supplies and build or paint their own things. It would be very disrespectful to just plop your tail downon their property. If someone came into your house and just sat on your sofa and you don't know them from adam, how would you feel. It's the same scenario, hun. Also, even if you paid your tuition and they have claimed university property...GROW UP. They pay a lot more money and go through processes to be allowed to sit, stand, or even breathe on the plot. Have some respect.
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DJ Knightmare replied on 05-23-2008 03:06PM [Reply]
simple.. if u aint greek y would u go sit on aonther persons stuff.... i mean... u know who its for.... mad disss..... we aint got plots at paine.. so greeks dont run into that problem at our school....
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