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Remaining Members of TLC to Get "New" Left-Eye.... Posted on 07-07-2004

Okay, I just saw on MTV News that T-Boz and Chili are doing a reality series (wtf? :evil: ) searching for the "new" Left-Eye, so they can get the group back together. I remember when she first died, they promised their fans they would never try to replace her, and that TLC would never be the same. So why are they trying to capitalize off of her death? I don't know... it bothers me. I guess when it all comes down to it, money talks.
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Hornet_Psi replied on 07-07-2004 07:45PM [Reply]
If they do this, they'll lose their fans forever....
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replied on 07-08-2004 03:58AM [Reply]
^^^They sure will! And if this is true then they've already lost me! They swore on everything that they wouldn't do this! *smh!* :x :arrow:
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replied on 07-08-2004 01:25PM [Reply]
I know! It's bad enough that they are getting a new member.... but come on.... A REALITY SERIES?????????? It's just so wrong on so many levels... how can they even look at each other everyday? And it also hurts that I know that on this "reality series" they will be crying and talking about how "no one can replace Lisa".... while they are in the process of replacing Lisa. Didn't Destiny's Child and 3LW do this same thing when they "lost" members? At least they had the ethics not to make it into a sleazy mini-series.
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replied on 07-08-2004 01:31PM [Reply]
This is the actual story from MTV.COM... TLC TLC Looking To Replace Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes 06.25.2004 Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (file) Photo: MTV Some two years after the death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, the surviving members of TLC are moving on by putting together a reality show to find her replacement. Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas are signing on the dotted line this week with FOX Television Studios, sources familiar with the deal say, for a show that would document their search for a new member to join them for recordings and possibly a televised concert. The show does not yet have a network commitment nor a premiere date. Details are expected next week. Following Lopes' passing, T-Boz and Chilli completed the fourth TLC album, 3D, without her, but made sure to pay tribute to their friend by using her previously recorded vocals in five of the songs. They also incorporated a few Left Eye-inspired images, such as the painted black mark under the eye as well as her name on clothes and clubs, in their videos for "Girl Talk" and "Hands Up." The group played what was to be its farewell concert despite shouting out that "TLC is forever" on the 3D song "Dirty Dirty" seven months after the album's release (see "TLC Say Goodbye, Beleaguered Ja Rule Basks In Limelight At Zootopia Show"). "We take it video by video and project by project," T-Boz told MTV News at the time. "Lisa isn't here that's reality. It's not easy to come up with how to incorporate her."
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replied on 07-08-2004 01:38PM [Reply]
Money grubbing ***es
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AggieSweetie07 replied on 07-08-2004 06:40PM [Reply]
Looks like they gonna lose me as a fan even though i have all their albums :roll: ...and not the bootleg versions either
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 07-08-2004 08:05PM [Reply]
cant have the original TLC without the original L. :arrow:
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mzballplaya replied on 07-08-2004 11:55PM [Reply]
I'm in shock!! the same people who said that they'll never replace her and they'll never will b TLC again (vh1) make a TV show to find a replacement!!?!?!? I'm confused! Jesus must b comin cuz none of this don't make sense!!!!! If they was broke y didn't they ask for help another way!?! Chili- u shoulda stay wit my hubby! And T-boz- If Tina took them numerous beatins from Ike then u can handle a one time around slap in the face!!! (i know thats mean!!! :twisted: But i'm upset!!) Lets pass the plate around! Time 4 a love offering 4 TLC (TC) lol
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EkWoah replied on 07-13-2004 05:57AM [Reply]
they still fine tho... i think? i havent seen them in a while
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