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Nervous??...let it all out and TESTIFY Posted on 07-08-2004

as the weeks rolll on by and its getting closer to school, im getting abit nervous...lol so this is my post so yall can "let it all out", rant or rave, cuss yourself or others out(hint financial aid) lol, i got this from dr phil by the way :wink: im nervous about 1--last year was just so hectic and stressful getting to dc and moving in, please dont let me go through that again this year :? 2--though i love the towers imma miss the quad and just socializing with people in my hallway lol 3--how am i gonna manage 19 credits and a part-time job this semester :cry: 4--imma miss my mommy's home cooking, how will i survive another semester without her soul food, she gonna airmail me some food damnit 5--im gonna feel weird with all yall new freshmen experiencing what i experienced, i feel like an old mama looking after her children lol..."my babies done grown up" :cry: 6--only 3 more years till graduation and 'the real world"
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Rubberband Man from Washington, DC replied on 07-08-2004 02:15PM [Reply]

Let's see.... As I approach my senior year (HALLELUJAH!!! )...im nervous because..... 1. Im taking 19 credits 2. Once again student government is going to engulf my life :? 3. I decided that I no longer am going to med school and am going to grad school. 4. GRE 5. Finding a school 6. Grad apps, essays, fees, and interviews 7. GRADUATION!! 8. Graduating and finding a job 9. Gonna miss friends 10. My last football games 11. My last basketball games 12. HOMECOMING!! 13. Im gonna miss the hook ups i got on campus 14. A VERY BUSY senior year 15. .................. 16. LIFE thats all for now....I'll come back to rant later on todaoy
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PrimeTime1919 replied on 07-08-2004 02:53PM [Reply]
As a freshman/college student, I am a lil' shaky about: 1. Being a freshman... again! :x 2. Living in a upperclassmen dorm, even if it is a single 3. Living nowhere near Michigan 4. Absence of my fam, my dawgs, my girl :cry: 5. Stickin' with this major 6. Joinin' band...again 7. Pledgin' :roll: 8. My older Howard people actin' shicky shicky slim shady :lol: 9. Tougher and faster classes 10. Classes after 2:30! 11. :wink:
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freshyonthehill replied on 07-08-2004 04:18PM [Reply]
1. Being a freshman 2. Being in a new place 3. Having harder classes 4. No more high school 5. Being away from home, family, and friends :cry: 6. Missing the wonderful weather of Cali 7. Knowing something's gonna go wrong the very first day w/ either financial aid, documents, registration, or moving in
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replied on 07-08-2004 05:12PM [Reply]
1. Not making enough friendz at HU 2. Gaining the ''Freshman 15'' 3.Leaving to DC from Cali all by myself.........luckily, I'll have my long lost twin (Gabby!) waiting for me.......*sigh of relief*
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Girl701 replied on 07-08-2004 06:58PM [Reply]
1. Starting ova 2. Leaving NY to go to DC (im gonna miss my family) 3. Losing my scholly
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HU_Intellect replied on 07-08-2004 07:13PM [Reply]
Man y'all some punks, I ain't scared of nuthin :x Ok maybe I am :? -The east coast winters (I'm used to my winters staying above 70) -That I will do something dumb and jeopardize my political career -That I will get partied out to fast -That I will have trouble balancing work and play -That my mom will be lost without her baby -That I won't reach my full potential -That somebody will slip me a mickey and try to tea **** me :evil: (only to find themselves on Howard TV in a body bag :evil: :evil: :evil: )
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replied on 07-08-2004 10:05PM [Reply]
Girl701 wrote:
3. Losing my scholly
Chuch! 8)
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 07-09-2004 12:20AM [Reply]

Ha, ya'll are cute. Calvin...you killin me with the political agenda homie. lol, u got it all planned out already. My worries at the moment.... :arrow: tryna figure out a way to get two more classes cuz i procrastinated on registration and only have 3 classes :arrow: realizing that i'm gonna either have to pay a $150 late fee, or deal with the headache of overrides. Either way...i'm screwed :arrow: hoping that the the HUSA events that i'm over for freshman orientation week turn out to be a huge success :arrow: hopin annex AC is up to par when i get in, cuz i'm already stressin over the humidity (can't stand it!) :arrow: that me and my crew will be able to kick as much as we used to, even tho we are all in different dorms :arrow: thinkin about how i'm gonna pay for HU this year. Haven't heard if i got the trustees scholly, and i've been too busy to look for outsides :arrow: prayin i can balance bein in all these orgs without goin crazy :arrow: thinkin about the papers, midterms, and finals i'm gonna have to deal with :arrow: hopin procrastination doesn't get the best of me. thinkin about all my ex-senior homiez that won't be there. :arrow: and i'm sure there are a million other things... BUT, despite all of my worries, i know that i serve a God that has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and a sound mind. Everything will work out for me, and it will work out for all of you as well. Just keep the faith yall :!:
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ManifestDSTiny33 replied on 07-09-2004 12:22AM [Reply]
I'm worried about: 1. Applications for Pharmacy School, College of Allied Health 2. PCAT 3. Keeping My scholly 4. Missing my auntie and my brothers 5. 21 credits and a part time job and everythign else in order to maintain housing 6. Pledging season.. :? 7. My relationship w/ GOD 8. My relationship w/ my parents (its already on the rox) 9. Freshman getting on my nerves (lol... it's people in general) 10. Being able to capture all of the wonderful moments (last year my film was ruined @ the airport and my camera was stolen @ the airport... f*&^ing bammas)
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