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Nervous??...let it all out and TESTIFY Posted on 07-08-2004

as the weeks rolll on by and its getting closer to school, im getting abit nervous...lol so this is my post so yall can "let it all out", rant or rave, cuss yourself or others out(hint financial aid) lol, i got this from dr phil by the way :wink: im nervous about 1--last year was just so hectic and stressful getting to dc and moving in, please dont let me go through that again this year :? 2--though i love the towers imma miss the quad and just socializing with people in my hallway lol 3--how am i gonna manage 19 credits and a part-time job this semester :cry: 4--imma miss my mommy's home cooking, how will i survive another semester without her soul food, she gonna airmail me some food damnit 5--im gonna feel weird with all yall new freshmen experiencing what i experienced, i feel like an old mama looking after her children lol..."my babies done grown up" :cry: 6--only 3 more years till graduation and 'the real world"
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BetiBAP replied on 07-09-2004 10:49PM [Reply]
kndhrtd1@theREALHU wrote:
BetiBAP wrote:
I did try to register again, and thank God it let me. I don't know what went wrong the first time I tried, but whatever. WHEW! i am so relieved. Thanks guys for the help. :wink: P.S. I even got my classes exactly the way i wanted them!!!
See, i knew it would work out sweety. That's one less thing to be worried about
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runningrl22 replied on 07-09-2004 11:35PM [Reply]
Im nervous about - leaving my family and friends - that the work will b to hard - that i might procrastinate to much w/out my parents being there saying do this do that.. -um.. since im an only child n my parents r sorta strict.. i might go alittle to wild wit all the freedom and let my school work drop..but i dont want that cuz ill be **** if im not on honors after first semester.... thats it for now....
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