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Walk Away Posted on 07-08-2004

Walk Away...dedicated to my ex I wanted to call you so bad but I can't talk to you anymore it's not something my man said it's something I decided on my own see he was there when I was frustrated with you (Yeah I got frustrated with you) So he doesn't like you and he only knows my side of the story and since I'm his girl He's naturally gonna take my side no matter what He knows all the times I felt like I was being done wrong So of course he thinks I should leave you alone He would probably get mad if he found out I was still callin u and ur still flirting with me it feels so wrong when I talk to you I seriously feel like I'm betraying my man You don't know it (or maybe you do) but u messed up, u lost a good thing long before you think you did I know we were friends before we dated but it doesn't feel right to still be cool wit u when u didn't do things right with me and u still wanna be my friend I can't forget things or get past what you did so I gotta walk away...
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GaPeAcH replied on 07-11-2004 12:15AM [Reply]
we all gotta walk away sometimes....im feeling this one
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 07-14-2004 07:27PM [Reply]
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