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Pretty Feet or **** Feet Posted on 07-09-2004

Fellaz Mah home gyrl feet aren't the best, but she cant help it that she does'nt have pretty feet. Because im pretty sure if she had to chose between **** and pretty she would chose pretty. -So is having **** feet a turn off if a Ladi is fine as hell- :roll: ?? because she stresses herself out about that.....
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SuperFly replied on 07-09-2004 01:17AM [Reply]
Of course its a turn off. If you don't take time to take care of your feet, then chances are you may not take care of other parts of yourself.
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ClassyWisdom08 replied on 07-09-2004 01:26AM [Reply]
Umm, I dont care how many pedicures one gets, the feet can still be jacked up.Pedicures are to enhance .It doesnt work wonders on impossible looking feet.
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Soul D-Psi-ple replied on 07-09-2004 01:34AM [Reply]
Just as long they dont look like claws or that they've been ran over by a steam roller several times, it's ok...............i think........ :lol:
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SuperFly replied on 07-09-2004 07:50PM [Reply]
I hate the toes that look like they're hiding from each other... :?
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