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Not a Dime Posted on 07-09-2004

lilHUgurl wrote:
Most girls aren't Dimes(physically). Errebody talks about wanting only dimes. My question is would you date a person who is has the looks of a 1 or a 2 but a tight azz personality? Ikno people always say personality comes first. But you kno you would be running away if an ugly monster was tryin to talk to you, you knowing she's nice.
Daaaang a 1 or a 2, you coulda gave them a 3 or a 4
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In Rod We Trust replied on 08-04-2004 07:59PM [Reply]
Astarr1 wrote:
I don't know about that a 1 or 2 is just not possible but hey ugly people need love too Just not from me :!:
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EkWoah replied on 08-04-2005 03:39PM [Reply]
Da_Rodfather wrote:
Onomatopoeian wrote:
a 1 or 2 damn, thats like a girl looking like vivica fox with hair like rick fox, a body like redd fox, teeth like a real fox with a voice sounding like michael j fox, plus she smoke too much and got a hole in her neck with one of those voice things and a hole in her cheek with sebhorrea dermatitis on her scalp with patches missing and a wooden leg and a hook for a hand, hunch back monster got damn that must be a beast
LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Thata gotta be the funniest shyt ever posted
it is
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replied on 08-04-2005 07:23PM [Reply]
Umm... E-Cow... this thread is exactly a year old... What was the point sweetie?? **slapping E-Cow and running**
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La replied on 08-05-2005 09:21AM [Reply]
lol...Im mad a year later Im just now seein this thread.
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replied on 08-05-2005 02:47PM [Reply]
Yea, this is horribly old...but funny lol..
DaStrongSilentType wrote:
im highly upset at ALL the pictures posted in this thread lol, but frankly if a girl is like a 6, but her personality is a 9, she gets points with me. ill be with a girl if shes fine to me and me only, even if shes a trash jawn 2 everyone else
I gotta cosign to the fullest. I could careless what other people rate her as. Looks mean a lot, but seeing as how much personality actually reflects on looks for some, they become devalued. I really don't get the number ratings too much, because I could see a girl who I'm not attracted to at all become FINE just because of the way she carries herself and her overall personality. I really don't believe in dimes, as far as looks alone go. It's just not one woman that looks THAT good to me, and I've seen so many women who look good and I know I can't call them all dimes because their NOT.
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 08-05-2005 05:26PM [Reply]
This post ----------------------> :lol:
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EkWoah replied on 08-05-2005 05:54PM [Reply]
what can i say, im all about that old school
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1life from CHICAGO, IL replied on 02-11-2007 11:33PM [Reply]

you have to admitt..attraction does play a part..I'm not saying she should be a dime but some physical attraction should exist.
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Fleurinor05 replied on 05-09-2007 07:54PM [Reply]
what might be a 1 or 2 to you is a 10 to someone else. it depends on what you like
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CN1CE from Brooklyn, NY replied on 05-24-2007 07:48AM [Reply]

I cant do 1 or 2. I'm addicted to booty but if I cant look at you without my stomach churning we got a problem. Yeah, its true. Whats on the inside counts more than the outside but that initial impression you get when you first see or interact with the girl means alot. True Dimes are rare but a girl's other limbs can make up for the deficiency. I cant go no lower than a 4 as far as the face is concerned.
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