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Those Eyes Posted on 07-16-2004

Spent a lifetime wearing a mask That laughs and smiles, but they're all lies Pretending that your happiness comes naturally But can still see the emptiness in those eyes Behind those eyes, lies something scary A mysterious and scolding glare Something that attempts to protect the inner you And tries to destroy all intruders with a single stare The eyes of a woman with good intentions Who pushes all away by being nonchalant and mean The eyes of a living, breathing woman Whose emotions died at the age of thirteen Those eyes tell the tale of someone torn Someone of bleeding heart and trampled soul She rather put up an invisible shield Instead of letting her fears go Those eyes, cry hot tears As she purposely sabotages all she wants to achieve Her motto: "can't let a man love me" Wrongfully preparing herself to be deceived Her closest friends, still strangers Her true self is someone most don't know As she's convinced that her vulnerability is weakness And it would **** her to let it show To judge her demeanor would be judging her outer shell Case isn't closed, the complete, true story is yet to be told Of the young woman with the warm, inviting face But whose eyes....those eyes.... are so cold.
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replied on 07-26-2004 12:12AM [Reply]
Thats was beutiful....Get em Gurl!!!
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replied on 07-26-2004 02:36PM [Reply]
that was very nyce.
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goodtwin77 replied on 09-08-2004 06:45PM [Reply]
YOOO i liked that i got a poem about "those eyes" 2 ill post it for ya but these are eyes that see and believe YA KNOW check it out
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