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School Spirit! Posted on 07-18-2004

Hamptonians it is time for you all to be put on blast.....what is up with this lack of school spirit. You see the Football team, "The Force", blue thunder, even the choir and the pirateers getting hype of off everything but what about everybody else. Why are the Hampton people not getting hype? What is the issue? Speak your mind... We just don't get it....we are hype in the stands and everyone else is still sitting down like bumps on a log...What is the issue?
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replied on 07-18-2004 12:24PM [Reply]
Damn :x ... When I was a cheerleader in high school, that used to happen all the time. We just threw candy and did pretty basket-tosses to get them hype. Other than that, they always looked ****. This is one of life's many mysteries... I wanna know why too (I thought college was different.)
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CTeazy from Los Angeles, CA replied on 07-18-2004 03:18PM [Reply]

I am hype for HU. All of the time and maybe too much at times. At other school they give off so much school spirit. I'm in the band but before I was in the band, I was like a huge HU teams fan but sadly I was never able to attend volleyball games, bowling games, sailing meets, and golf tourneys in the past two years. We have some great teams at HU and I know that they are always looking for support. I'm still a fan now of HU Sports but at times I feel that I am apart of a very small percentage of HU supporters. I don't worry about what I have to wear to the game cuz to me it's not a fashion show. It's a great time for Hamptonians young and old to go out and support their teams. I mean, maybe it's a region thing or a carryover from people's previous schools, but I know in my home city of Nashville, people used to be so hype about going to their schools' events. I think every one had cheerleaders, some schools had bands, pep clubs, and boosters, but what we have to realize is that sometimes that is not enough. Like for instance, cheerleaders and the band have to be at the games because it was a commitment they made to their peers and team. I know that I am just rambling on but to make a long story short, HU has no spirit whatsoever outside of these organizations, teams, and clubs that I have listed. And what Earn said about the Pirateers. Parents and past alumni are more hype than current students. What's up with that?
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replied on 07-19-2004 09:12AM [Reply]
I think we need an established student section at games that everyone knows about....then if you're not crunk in the student section you should be kicked out. I think once we get a stable pep squad people will play follow the leader and get hyped.
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CTeazy from Los Angeles, CA replied on 07-19-2004 01:35PM [Reply]

^^^^^^^^^COSIGN^^^^^^^^^^^ I agree the non-crunk people should get k-o.
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replied on 07-19-2004 08:27PM [Reply]
KNOCKED OUT>>>>>>! :twisted: :twisted:
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CTeazy from Los Angeles, CA replied on 07-20-2004 12:57PM [Reply]

I noticed that this thread has had over 50 views but only four replies. So what is up with that?
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replied on 07-20-2004 01:17PM [Reply]
I think there are some folks in this forum that don't go to Hampton. Its hard to screen who's actually a freshman .... most upperclassmen I know or one of yall do. I just haven't found an effective screening process. I'm finna just remove everyone who hasn't posted in this forum. Because most students (upperclassmen, freshman, interested) would have something to contribute.
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replied on 07-20-2004 01:46PM [Reply]
^^Tru Dat!
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the_Jazziest_Diva from Dallas, TX replied on 07-20-2004 07:02PM [Reply]

Just ask them Hampton Related questions...like the words school song or the name of our auditorium that hasn't been used due to air conditioning issues...Things that most Hamptonians will know...Future Hamptonians can IM current Hamptonians if them can't find the answers!!!
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