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Hey, who's a debutante? Posted on 12-16-2003

Hey! I'm a Lady-In-Waiting for the Links Cotillion, and I was wondering, who is being presented this year, or waiting for next year?
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PhatAggie85 from Fort Washington, MD replied on 12-17-2003 02:01PM [Reply]

I was a debutante last yr...It was a good experience
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BabyNay from Ecorse, MI replied on 12-17-2003 04:49PM [Reply]

i plan on being one
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replied on 12-17-2003 05:16PM [Reply]
what is a debutante?
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replied on 12-17-2003 09:14PM [Reply]
I am in a debutante ball and it has been very fun and rewarding experience thus far I am looking forward to the ball!!
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La replied on 12-18-2003 12:25AM [Reply]
I have heard of debutants....but how exactly does it work, and what does being a debutant mean?
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replied on 12-18-2003 08:28AM [Reply]
A debutante is a lady being introduced into society. It's a very prestigous thing. I'm a Eureka Debutante, and it is only for seniors. The ladies dress in white ball gowns (they look like wedding dresses) and they are escorted by males who are a senior in high school to sophomore in college. The males wear a black tux. It is very formal. Eureka not only has a Cotillion but as a member we do different things to help out the community. Eureka Debutante is an African American one. It's a verygood experience.
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replied on 12-18-2003 10:39AM [Reply]
I am a Zeta Phi Beta Debutante and we are having our catillion in May. I can't wait. I know that it will be an experience I won't forget!!!!!!!!!
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replied on 12-18-2003 11:08AM [Reply]
I'm a Xinos Debutante and our Cotillion is in April.
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QB...is BACK! from Milwaukee, WI replied on 12-18-2003 12:47PM [Reply]

I went to both of the cottilions here in Milwaukee, and I'm be a debutante next year! I had a lot of fun, and I can't wait...I'm already looking at dressess LOL We have fashionetta, cottilions and beautillions here: I was in fashionetta (ours is for ages 5-14 give or take a few years) and I won! It was nice they have four catergories Jr.Miss Fashionetta (for the younger girls), Miss. Fashionetta, Jr. Mr.Esquire (for the younger boys), and Mr. Esquire (a few reading awards have been added) I was the first girl to win to, because it was our first fashionetta here back in 1997. Our Fashionetta is like a mini-cottilion. The Beautillion is for high school senior boys. I have a problem though, I can't decide which cottilion I'm be in? We have the Christian Profesional Bussines and Alliance cottilion, and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Cottilion. My grandma, aunt, cousins etc. are all AKAs and I plan on pledging, but in the Christain cottilion the give out more scholarship money! Plus its a tradition to have AKAs daughters, granduaghters in the AKA cottilion, What yall think?
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