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Dillard University Posted on 07-25-2004

I'm kinda interested in Dillard so do anybody know what the dorms or campus is like? it seems alot of people have been on campus tours their so I was just wondering draya :lol:
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URBAN_QUEEN replied on 07-27-2004 02:49PM [Reply]
i know posting this topic i may just be your only reply because dillard is a small school and most people dont know know too much about it. although i will just be starting dillard this fall i can share what i know. dillard as i said is a small school with only 2,000 students, it is about 80% females and the teacher/student ratio is about 1:12 which is good. the campus located in new orleans is one word, BREATHTAKING. it is a fairly large campus with big oak trees everywhere and beautifully manicured lawns. they have nice big dorms, nice entertaiment rooms, a large indoor pool etc. the people seem really down to earth and welcoming. acdemically dillard is ranked number 12 for amercias top 100 schools (in the south). if your looking for a school where you can get one on one help from your professors, focus and not become just a number in the crowd, enjoy a beautiful campus and enjoy the best food and parties knowin world wide then girl come join the DU family....i hope this helps....
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