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White and Black GLOs Posted on 07-28-2004

Okay.. so I was on this random **** website, and I stumbled upon this article: http://www.tolerance.org/news/article_hate.jsp?id=319 I know that it is 3 years old, but it still has mad relevance.. after all, it happened less than 2 months after the 9/11 attacks.. So, my questions to you all are: 1) Do you think that there are major differences between white GLOs and BGLOs? (If yes, what are they?) 2) Do you think your school would be different if it had White GLOs on campus? (If yes, how so?) For those of you in other GLOs (race depending on campus): 3) How do you feel about Q #1, especially since your org is not as highly concentrated either way?
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replied on 07-28-2004 10:09PM [Reply]
I cant really answer the three questions but, I remember seeing this along time ago and being **** off and I'm not even Greek....
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Soul D-Psi-ple replied on 07-28-2004 10:27PM [Reply]
Me being in a now interracial fraternity, I think there's alot to learn from white GLO's. However, there are somethings that we really don't wanna learn from them, like ignorance. Everything else, I cosign with the Dude.
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La replied on 07-29-2004 01:27AM [Reply]
This is a real interesting topic.... but on a sidenote...^^^thats a freaky **** avatar KKPsi
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Lady Reese from Freeport, NY replied on 07-29-2004 10:53AM [Reply]

well i'm not apart of an org. but i'm highly **** at wat i jus saw on tha website...but one thing is tha we as a people need to change our image...cuz they think all we bout it baggy jeans...hats...and jewlery...and lookin gangsta.... tha jus made me upset...n i'm glad those org. got suspended.. :arrow:
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replied on 07-29-2004 05:13PM [Reply]
:x :x :x :cry: I'm mad at what those people did its a shame that some people are still so ignorant
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replied on 07-30-2004 03:18PM [Reply]
I remember reading this article and seeing those pics for the first time. I was HEATED.... and my God father a long time member of QPsiPhi had a FIT!! On my campus there are organizations in which all races are a part, there are also others that are solely black. We never really had too much of a problem, but I think it would be different if I were on a "white campus". I feel like we are TOTALLY defeating the purpose of BETTERING things if we can't get along within the organizations no matter the race of the majority of its members.
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replied on 07-30-2004 03:58PM [Reply]
I read this so long ago....but I never thought about how comfortable they were wearing **** costumes and blackface...and I never thought about how the girls so willingly posed with them.
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Trauma_Unit14 replied on 07-30-2004 05:11PM [Reply]
My brother (non-Greek) attended Auburn at the time that this happened. We were all upset that this was allowed to happen. I firmly believe that Auburn University's climate was/is such that white students don't feel uncomfortable behaving this way. But I do want to commend the bruhs for not resorting to head-bashing tactics. They behaved as perfect gentlemen during this fiasco.
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 08-01-2004 12:29AM [Reply]
Well being the neo that I am I haven't really had a chance to branch out and really experience what its like on the national scale. However, from convos i've had with my bruhs, i know that they do things a lil differently from HBCU's but the love is still the same and many of them remain very active outside of college. In some cases many hold PHI MU ALPHA in higher regard than they do their social orgs (because u CAN do both). AS for the differences, it really depends campus to campus. Organizations Like PHI MU ALPHA, Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma on HBCU's can't help but be influenced by BGLO's because many of us share bruhs/sorors who add certain elements of theirs to our process. In the end its all good. We all have our differences but as long as a bruh is about his business i have no qualms and there is nothing but love. Nothing like seeing a group of people work under one accord towards common goals. For the most part i cosign with 19OESAGGIE20 and OohdatDude.
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