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Jesus Walks remix Posted on 07-30-2004
The Hurricane

Listenin to the radio and heard it yesterday. It features Mase which is a dream come true for Kanye. Who's heard it?
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chocolatetai411 replied on 07-30-2004 03:47PM [Reply]
I heard it yesterday and I like it. I think that it is very uplifting. Plus, I like almost anything that Kanye West is in. He was hot when he was here in Chicago underground and he's hot now. The beginning of his song sounds boot-leg, though. But, when you think about it most of Kanye's songs sound like either the mixer didn't equalize the levels on the song or that it was recorded on some broke a$$ machines. I like it anyway. Chocolatetai411
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PhatAggie85 from Fort Washington, MD replied on 08-08-2004 08:03PM [Reply]

im really feelin tha song 8)
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replied on 08-09-2004 04:05AM [Reply]
I haven't heard it yet. Let me go download it now 8) :arrow:
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B-Will2K5 from Chicago, IL replied on 08-09-2004 12:24PM [Reply]

I heard a version yesterday with Common also on the track..might be a "Chi-Town Exclusive"...but I'm feeling the track..MA$E sounds good on the track. But is MA$E really back on the whole spiritual tip...cause I heard him on the Lean Back remix...and I could have swore he was rhyming about **** folks :?:
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TBl0ck from Hillside, NJ replied on 08-09-2004 05:31PM [Reply]
I have heard the song i think it's pretty good
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AggieSweetie07 replied on 08-09-2004 11:35PM [Reply]
it's straight
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P o e t i q R e i g n from Greensboro, NC replied on 08-10-2004 11:29PM [Reply]

PhatAggie85 wrote:
im really feelin tha song 8)
i agree...
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