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O'KAYE HBCU Its time to appreciate those that u consider as "fam" on here and tell why u appreciate them! I will post later my comp is actin up
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what's_on_my_mind replied on 08-01-2004 11:51PM [Reply]
I got heart for Bret..AKA Cafe too... Not tryin to sound soft or nothing... But I can actually say my heart is fixed on her damn looks from pics from this site... Damn....She fine....and she goal oriented and smart....DAMN!! Want to get to know her more....on a personal note.... Bret...if u read this..any **** that get u is lucky....seriously...
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*J.O.* from East Orange, NJ replied on 08-02-2004 09:24AM [Reply]

I appreciate you all. Work is so much easier, laughing at the people on this site
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Its_like_candie replied on 08-02-2004 10:32AM [Reply]
I dont talk to too many peoples on here but i do have some love for some folks.... Ekow...he's a coo catt and i believe he was the first one to really show me love on the board! And all the funny convo's that i've had wit him...U was the homie!!! Too bad we fell off... Dwayne...Like i said before...dont call me KANSAS!!! CLOWN!!! LOL!!! Ya know u's coo peoples...and thanks for welcomin me wit open arms. Even though yer stalkin my gurl...I think yer an OKAY guy!! :lol: Reena...What can i say?! U my gurl yo'. Ever since summer started **** have been whyle'n!!! We had some crazy days and some crazy nights...I still cant believe yo' ol' punk a** tried to leave me to get my a** choked out at clints!!! YOU MeAn FoR DaT OnE!
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 08-02-2004 12:55PM [Reply]
hmmm i coulda sworn i posted in here already... anywho... Fam?? Well...even tho i've been on here for a while...i STILL do not have any fam on here.... ::shrugs:: its all good...because ALL of you peeps are cool...you make this site what it is...and thats why i enjoy coming here all the time... so...::hugs everybody:: i Appeee-shhheee-ate yall!! :lol:
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In Rod We Trust replied on 08-02-2004 02:13PM [Reply]
1. Kaye BIDNESS - My G fasho...well what can I say. We clicked from the FIRST time we talked and then it was written lol...Im glad to have a good friend like you..eventho u call me slow...and a ****..and u make fun of me.... :? well damn.....lol nah but i kno its ALL outta love Mooo fuccking Haa Haa ...lol you kno u like that one better 2. FAMMMOOOOOOOOO aka Tya- My fammmooo ****when we first talked we pretty much clicked too..u real coo peoples. When we talk....we have fun... especially when its about otha people.....whoo Lawd we going to hell lol...love ya fammo Roddy Poo- *does the love step*...I dunno Rod we got a funny **** relationship..lol its not like we got the deepest convo's..or anything like that..but maybe our simplicity (s/p) is what brings us togetha...You already kno u'd be my boyfriend if i was in NC My Niteowl aka Riley- Hmm what can i say..we've basically talked about everything..and you've kept me up to the wee ours in the morning talking and i feel like Im about to fall over and die cuz Im so sleepy...I really enjoy talking to you..and Im soooooooo glad that we are friends DwaYne- Although i was forgotten on your first time around..its cool...I am glad were talking more....lol@ when me and u got into it in your picture thread.....I HATE YOU DWAYNE *throws a dictionary @ u* lol u kno i love u tho Chan- Stop callin me on my daytime minutes or when Im sleep or busy got dammitt Lol you kno u my girl tho...ALWAYS keep me laughin wit ya country **** Carrie- I hope I spelled ya name right..But its Poooodayyyyyyy HEEEYYY lol...YOU keep me rollin fa real..all the ****you say is sooo fucckin funny to me lol like seriously we gotta talk on AIM...ThatAmazing1 is my name if u got it...then u get to see how slow i am .. :? Bella- Ok so we dont kno eachother...but your posts keep me rollin as well....seriously lol...i wish u much success in everything you do... On a side note..am i the only one who has to spell out success so i can get it right?? I never knew how to spell it till i heard bart simpson spell it on the simpsons :? Oh yeh and Poetiq - I SWEAR i kno your name..but ever since dwayne tole me how to spell it I dont wanna fucck it up..Like i can say it..i jus cant spell it u kno??? Thanks for puttin those posts out there that enlighten your mind..I kno you are a good person eventho i dont kno u personally...I hope you achieve everything that your strive for... Ok I think thats it..If i forgot u I'll update lata Ohhh and ROSIE lol...eventho we fell out..we still cool tho *tries to pronounce Rosie's name*
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 08-02-2004 02:31PM [Reply]

Rod...I enjoy the chats we have and you are a great listener and very amusing. REDD aka sowthwestplaya...I appreciate the talks we had as well as making me feel good when I got homesick at HU. It was nice coming in contact with a TEXAN who made me forget about my homesickeness. I'm gonna miss ya! WES...Thanks for listening to me as well, also, thanks for given the insides before I came to HU. I also appreciate the care that you have. There's a lot of you that I don't really know and know personally, but I appreciate the little things. I didn't want to mention someone and them be like "I know you! Don't be mentioning my name!"
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La replied on 08-02-2004 02:47PM [Reply]
King_J wrote:
1. Jamila - Out of all the people I have met on here, I have known u the longest and closer to u than anyone else. U have always been there for me when I wanted to talk, and dealt with me even when I was acting like an ****
* sheds tears from reading that * Aight I guess I will make my list now. This is all genuine and from the heart. So here it goes... Jimmie - I have soooo much love for you. Since we got to know each other last year before we left to start our freshmen year we just clicked. There were times at school where we would talk...whether on the phone or IM and I would be telling you about my " guy situations " and I remember one day you just laid that sh*t out to me and told me like it was...I wont even front cause I was real hurt by it, but it was the truth. Thats when we werent on speaking terms for like a good 3 months...but I respect you for going off on me like that cause thats what friends are supposed to do..tell the truth even if it hurts, and not just say the things you wanna hear. You my dawg...and you bound to come to FAMU sometime this year since your sister will be there, but when you do, dont forget to holla at me. :wink: Breenah - Ill say it now and Ive said it before. You my dawg...always have been, always will be. You'll always be my peoples. And I know you got some things going on in your life that are stressful and not too great. but always know Im here for you...whatever it is...IM HERE. :wink: Jeremiah - I STILL cant believe we havent met nor have we even talked on IM before...But we bound to meet some time this year...lol...You cool as hell and keep it real....so keep doing you. :wink: Ron - I have just started talking to you more lately, but you are real cool and easy to talk too...and we have a lot of good conversations. I see us developing a friendship when i get back to school... Rosie - HEY GIRL....lol...You are soooo nice and easy to talk too. You are definitely someone in the fam that I wanna get to know personally when we get to school. Marcus - We arugue over EVERYTHING...and you **** me off EVERYTIME I talk to you...but in spite of all that...we remain cool and have a good friendship. Even tho I may not act like it, I do wish you the best at ASU next year. :wink: JaMarcus - You are sooo sweet and such a genuine person. I enjoy the conversations we have had. We have had some very personal convos where I have confided in you, and trusted you...and you havent broken that trust...and I appreciate that so much. If I were in Texas we would be hanging out every weekend, lol. Keep doing you and staying who you are. :wink: Dwayne - I have sooo much love for you too Wayne. We dont talk like we use too, but I appreciate all the convos we have had, and knowing I can trust you if I ever had to confide in someone. You are a GREAT person. Its important that you remember that even if no one else notices you and your talents...its okay. As long as you know thats all that matters. Stay sweet. :wink: EJ - Contrary to what others may believe...you are cool as hell. I enjoy all of our conversations and you seem so passionate about ur acting career, and I respect that. Keep doing what makes you happy, and FUKK all the haters that have sumthing to say about it. :wink: Qua - My lil brother. You have sooo much potential. I just hope you remember that when you go off to college and not be blindsided by parties and discouraged by your workload. Know that you can do it, and that you will be damn good at whatever you do. Stay the sweet person you are and have a good time at JCSU this fall. Kaye - lol..Im glad to see my advice worked for your boyfriend, or ex, or whatever he is to you...Have fun at Morgan State this fall, and like you do here on the boards KEEP IT GULLY. lol :wink: Poody - Thats like my long lost sister. You cool and funny as hell girl. Keep doing you and being real while you at Albany State this fall... and LASTLY.... All my FAMU people that I didnt name up here. I have love for all of you cause we are all apart of the same fam. We really need to get up this year while we on campus. HIT A SISTA UP. :wink:
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Deuce_214 from Tallahassee, FL replied on 08-02-2004 03:14PM [Reply]

JeremiahXXXVI wrote:
*Deuce "the instigator"- You kool people mayne, even though you a low low instigator :lol: , you still my boy.
Instigator I just point something someone misses, just making sure all the facts are out int the open. Now on to appreciations all my folks from FAM-U, FAM-UFAM-GOT DAM U: Jeremiah: You cool peeps, I know how bored at work can be (I worked in Foote-Hilyer) Bree: What can I say but "look out below". 5'2" and crunk as firecracker and as much energy as an ****. (I've seen u around) Mila-*All Hail the Queen* One of the crunkest people from CT that I know. I'm down with all of us getting up with each other Brandon: even though he aint on here as much. We be holding Texas down in Tallyho. (still deciding if I am going to join the Strike Team. B-ball season was off the chain but be original next year.) everybody else, old and new, One Love see yall round in the fall. It's going to be a lot of stuff happening on campus this year. all my Texas peeps esp. my Texas Gyrlz from Dallas: Megan-first hometown person I met on here. U know how it is, down for whatever, whenever. April-i don't know how u last that long going to school in the country but u did. We gon chill when I get home. and now from Big D to the H-Town to that S. W. Playa: You know us Texas Boyz do it. Internationally known, Worldwide Respected. From the 3rd Coast to the East Coast
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CTeazy from Los Angeles, CA replied on 08-02-2004 03:37PM [Reply]

Jazzy Diva and ChiTown Kilo: MUCH LOVE and peace. And all that...ya'll know the deal Wes: You good. can't say too much bout you. PC 02 alums. VC CUTIE SHOUT OUTS: Malika, Earn, Carlene, and J (the CutieQueen) Much love to the FORCE (ya'll know who you are) and my brothers/sisters. What's up to ophioXII. QT and Onyx, ya'll cool tooeven though it's better to be an OGRE Ok, that's it.
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Deuce_214 from Tallahassee, FL replied on 08-02-2004 03:39PM [Reply]

I forgot about my boy, Mr. JSU for hooking me up with my sig. and Polaris for the sig I'm waiting on NeoSoulBrotha- be droppin some knowledge and differing viewpoints when he posts and last but not least dem damn Aggies, Rod & D. Much luv & respect
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