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O'KAYE HBCU Its time to appreciate those that u consider as "fam" on here and tell why u appreciate them! I will post later my comp is actin up
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Princess LaRonda replied on 08-02-2004 10:53PM [Reply]
*turns on my music and does my dance* dun dun dunnnn...dunnn dunnnn dunnn HERE I GO!! anyway... Personality appreciates everyone!!
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 08-03-2004 12:43AM [Reply]
KenYaFeelMe? wrote:
k, i'm still gettin my feet wet. So it's alot of peeps that i don't KNOW per say, but i'm a big observer. Ha, i sound like the new kid in school admirably watchin in on all the action of the popular click *smh..so sad :cry: * :lol: . Hopefully i'll get to exchange more words wit yall in the future...but in the meantime...i'll just continue to be entertained by all the many lovely personalities on this site . Rosie, Bella, Akaye47 (i'll be sure to say the whole name so i don't get cussed out), Sooo Amazing, Jamila (even tho u clowned my long **** sn, u still cool peoples), Chan, Ekow, Soundcheck, Jstblaze, Poody, Tres, Pimptight (even tho u always bumpin heads wit folks, i'm sure somewhere in there you're soft and mushy like a Mars Bar :wink: ), 2damnReal, #1 Draft Pick (...such a cutie..oops.. ), Mrs.SweetLeeDevonThornton (always pinchin tha booties. That's my kinda chick! :wink: ), 11thPowerFreak, Candie, Megan, Harlem Red Devil (tryna **** my lips...i think i like it :twisted: ), KarolinaPlayboy, MsJazzyAKA (don't get alot of love from the ****, but i feel where you're comin from sistah), Wile E. Coyote, Triad, Wug, Carolina Cowboy (got some woman hate issuez...still a cool cat), ChiJsu & Polaris (hella tight with those siggies), HamptonBeauty (killin em wit those pics!), NeoSoulBrotha (profound), Chris (he likes em thick...my kinda guy :wink: ), Poetiq (just a sweety), Iota, AfropoeticSistah, Barons, R-tistic, Taye-all-day (funny cat), and i can't forget about ALL of the Bisons (waaaay too many of yall!), and...ummm...errrrr....EVERYBODY ELSE! All of yall make the site what it is.
yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! i got one!! lol....thankkkkkkkz sooo merrrch!!!
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replied on 08-03-2004 01:36AM [Reply]
***Patrick***-First let me start off by saying you have been the best friend a girl can possibly have, through all of my tears,my stupidity,my ex dogging me you saw me through it all. I know there is nothing we can't get through cause from day one you have been there.Tellin me to stay so the hatas wouldn't get a smile out especially when they werent perfect themselves.All in all when we get to state we are going to wild out and have us plenty of fun with Nicole,Crystal and Cel of course.***ps- I pay the hatas no mind cause i'm giving them more to hate me for!!!!!!!*** Love you!!!! ***Nicole***- You keep a smile on my face and talking to me when I needed it, also makin me and Pat think"happy thoughts",lol Pat you know what i'm talkin bout. Like PAt said u swear u finna stay in ur room but we ain't even havin it Miss Thang you gone get out and chill with us. Love you Niky!!!!!!! ***Crystal***- Although we just met everytime we talk its nothing but laughin and wildin and gurl its gon take me u and Pat to get Nicole out and about. Can't wait to meet up at school so we can be some jazzy chicks together and keep each other hair right!!! ***Marcus***- Just met you but through our conversations I can see we gon be real cool when you get to school and I can't wait. ***Kim***- I knew we were gonna be close from day one and from day one when u became my play sister u treated me just like a sister would. Can't wait for you to get to skegee so we can show u some asu love. Luv you SIS!!!!!!!!!! Last I appreciate all the haters yall keep me going and doin me cause I am not fazed by the ignorance of some fake people, No weapons formed against me shall prosper so all haters God Bless you!!!! For every one I missed take it for love.
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ASU_chick08 from Gadsden, AL replied on 08-03-2004 02:16AM [Reply]

well well well where to start with the ppl that r my happy friends... Mimi-u r a good friend to have u listen to me when i have crazy days with the stalker...and u put up with my sickly phone....i know we goin to have too much fun when we get to school...yea i know yall not goin to let me stay in the room and nap like i'm used to i'm gettin prepared for the change...stay happpy and think "happy thoughts".... Pat-from the first time i talked to u i told u how i pictured u like the starfish on spongebob....lol.....u r too funny sometimes...u and mimi have your work cut out if yall think yall goin to get me out all the time me and my naps r connected at the hip and to be seperated from them is goin to take time...i know we're all goin to have fun when we get to school especially with u takin us around...stay happy and u also think those "happy thoughts".... Crystal- we r becomin good friends...i know all of us r goin to have good times when we down at state and we all will be cheering u on either on the football field or as u cheer the team on...good luck... Brittney- i know i just met u but u cool...have fun startin your senior year off friday...stay focused and don't let your mind wonder on those guys too much...lol... Larry- my buddy...u always keep me laughin when i'm havin a bad day i know i can call u and u will have me laughin...u and yo country self...lol...even though u pick on me at times and say i need to be in my bubble it's ok though...lol...have fun while u still at A&T...your a good friend and a good guy i know some nice female is out there for u... Kim-my friend...i knew we would be cool cause we have the same names... can't wait till u get to skegee...i know u goin to have fun when u come and visit us... Jeremy-glad to see u goin back to skegee...u can come visit us when kim comes..i'm glad we're cool...u always seem to bring somethin up that's interestin when we talk... Nate-my music friend...u have me rollin anytime we talk...u always bringin up somethin new that i don't know bout music..i wish u all the luck with your music...someday i know i'll say i know him when u get famous...
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replied on 08-03-2004 03:42AM [Reply]
I appreciate all ya'll that contribute to the posts n give'n me them daily laughs, this helped me get through the boring :roll: parts of my summer when I was just sittin waitin to start school (FRESHMAN C/O 2008!!!). The little things...like Polaris304 & KarolinaPlayboy help'n me w/ my sig n upload probs...thank ya...KillaTrav get'n on me & jstblz for not know'n bout the avatars/sigs...he called us "dumb duck(s)"...thanks we needed that...and I can't forget KAYE...she was the first to welcome me to the board, thank you!!! oh yea n anyone whoever hit up one of my posts n actually left a message, or replied to something i posted...it helped encourage my to KEEP POSTING...PRESHATE YA'
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 08-03-2004 05:59AM [Reply]

SoOoO AmAaZiinnnggg wrote:
Aww Kenya... :cry: I swear I was going to mention you in my post........Im sorry You seem like such a sweet nice person tho on the real. *cheesing* Although I did try to **** out at you waaayyy back ...when i thought u was coming at me wrong..Im sooooo sorry about that... :? But yes... thankz fa making some cool posts..keep it up.. I think I should formally introduce myself Kenya Im Tiphani ( tiffany) *shakes Kenya's hand* Ahh I feel SOOOOO much better now 8)
Ha! I remember that too. I went " " and u said "what are u at?"...i thought "uh oh...duck and cover! Just startin postin and i'm about to get jumped already!"... :lol: . Nice to meet u Tiphani...hmmm...i think i'll call u "Tiph Tiph"...yeah...i like . And no hand shakez...that's for stiff bizniz men. HUGZ to ya!
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Deuce_214 from Tallahassee, FL replied on 08-03-2004 09:38AM [Reply]

2damnREAL wrote:
lil darryl- ill be looking for you too, BUDDY! :twisted: you're 2 damn real too lol
I'll be looking for u too. I'm ready for yall up here but I don't know if FSU (them white boys be trying to yall if yall go to FAM :lol: ) is ready for yall
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AggieWarrior from Charlotte, NC replied on 08-03-2004 09:48AM [Reply]

King_J wrote:
AggieWarrior wrote:
i figure since i'm still up after clubbin in Philly, and i'm waiting to sleep on the train, i can add more people to my list 14. Carrie... this girl gotta mind of her own, she stay crunk, and creative, and holds the A down by herself...
All by herself? I guess I don't rep ATL hard enough...thought I did though
Jimmie, you know you my ****... you hold the ATL down pretty damn well yourself....
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 08-03-2004 10:38AM [Reply]

I forgot some people... Fine_Iota...I appreciate the chats and the advice you give. Pat...Shole know how to make a girl feel good! Poo-Day...I don't know you that well but I notice that you always agree with me. I appreciate that.
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RosieKisses from QUEENS, NY replied on 08-03-2004 12:26PM [Reply]

:::walks in::: now yall know gangstas dont cry...but uhhh ::wipes tears::: YEAH OK Rod- if you dont hurry up and come to flawda ima get them girls without you!!!!!! dern it :x hmmm ok i think that's it :?
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