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I know Im a little late, but I thought we should start the HBCU central chats on AOL/AIM again. Last year it was fun...we had some REAL interesting topics! Forums are nice, but theres nothing like the 'immediate' interactive response you get in a chatroom! So, If you have AOL/AIM and you want to be a part of the chat, drop ya screenname (and ur HBCU) and I'll send you an invite!
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Slim GoodyN757 replied on 08-02-2004 01:49PM [Reply]
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Afro-American replied on 08-02-2004 02:39PM [Reply]
mehogeni85....only invite me if there are like 9 or more people lol, i dont like feeling lonely
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 08-02-2004 02:40PM [Reply]

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replied on 08-02-2004 02:42PM [Reply]
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chawklateluva313 from Detroit, MI replied on 08-02-2004 02:44PM [Reply]

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AfroPoeticSista replied on 08-02-2004 03:05PM [Reply]
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KärolinaPläyboy from charlotte, NC replied on 08-02-2004 03:17PM [Reply]
don't be blastin my IM with irrelevant 'Ish! most of my msgs go straight 2 my cellphone. when we gonNa do tha chat thang??
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replied on 08-02-2004 03:21PM [Reply]
CReid614 but I probably won't be on in the PM until a couple weeks after school starts. You know...after I catch up on all my partying and mixing and mingling.
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RosieKisses from QUEENS, NY replied on 08-02-2004 03:26PM [Reply]

::adds everyone to her list::: :twisted: Dammnbaby01... alright now..please make sure it's not only Hampton in there :lol: :lol: :lol: lmaooooooo Kaye dawg remember that??!?!
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Home > Forums > General Discussions > Tha Yard > Archives > Tha Graveyard(2004)
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