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What is the best HBCU State NC, GA, VA, etc.? Posted on 08-05-2004
Riverdale, MD
Now there are a lot of HBCU's in different states. But what state has the best HBCU's overall. North Carolina has my vote: St. Aug North Carolina Central Winston Salem Fayettville Livingstone Elizabeth City A & T Bennett Shaw Johnson C Smith
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Kismet_TNT replied on 08-07-2004 05:11PM [Reply]
Neither one! :twisted:
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2001Pirate from Durham, NC replied on 08-07-2004 06:06PM [Reply]
Well even tho the best HBCU is in VA no doubt :wink: I have to give it up to NC! No state comes close to as many HBCUs as NC, regardless of how many are in one city. Hell, A&T alone probably has more students than all the AUC schools combined, and thats not exaggeration. And I know the person wasn't serious about the CIAA Tourney not being bigger than some all star game? Clearly you've never been. ITS HUGE, ITS SERIOUS, celebrities and parties everywhere. Im disappointed more black college students don't know about this. Im from Raleigh, so I know that even Ebony magazine hails it as one of the largest black events on the East Coast, the second (maybe third now) largest b-ball tournament in the country after the ACC (also in NC :wink: ). And yes the CIAA, the oldest HBCU conference, (with 9/13 schools in NC) is legendary and very historical. The schools in NC are just as well known as those in GA and I dont know too many folks outside of GA that know much or anything about Ft. Valley, Albany, or Savannah- not bein funny, just real.
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replied on 08-08-2004 09:40AM [Reply]
Let's be real. I don't go to school in NC, but I admit that its DEFINITELY the best STATE for HBCU's. Im sorry, but if you haven't heard of the CIAA, you are not in touch with HBCU's, or even black culture like you need to be. The CIAA Tournament is the 3rd largest Tournament in the NATION of ALL college basketball tournaments. Check out an Ebony Magazine or something. Don't even compare that to some All-Star game that didn't even fill up a real arena. As far as GA HBCU's...I think you have to be there to know about any of the ones outside of the AUC, cuz people north of SC don't know about them. Truthfully, the AUC schools are the only ones that count in GA...and one of those has no accreditation. So, again NC gets my vote. ATL (not the whole state of GA) gets a distant second for reputation alone.
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starsuga82 replied on 08-08-2004 04:41PM [Reply]
AggieWarrior wrote:
um... take Morris Brown... not accredited anymore.... :roll: so 4 HBCU's in one city makes it live... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight :roll:
Actually Ima have to go with GA. 1. Not only is there the AU Center (Including Morris Brown :roll: ), Just because they don't have their accreditation doesn't mean they don't have students. And since they do they will always be included ... There is also Albany State, Paine, Savannah State, and Fort Valley Bee-atch!! 2. Ga also is where I the lovely starsuga's school is located so you better RECOGNIZEEEE!!!! :x :wink: I got issues...
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natalie_g replied on 08-08-2004 06:41PM [Reply]
LuvDaVee wrote:
Now there are a lot of HBCU's in different states. But what state has the best HBCU's overall. North Carolina has my vote: St. Aug North Carolina Central Winston Salem Fayettville Livingstone Elizabeth City A & T Bennett Shaw Johnson C Smith
i dont' know about the best but NC does have the most
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natalie_g replied on 08-08-2004 06:46PM [Reply]
oh yeah talking about 11 schools in NC does anybody knwo what's going on with Barbar Scotia?
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WileECoyote06 replied on 08-09-2004 11:17AM [Reply]
The situation at Barber Scotia is sad. Just a few years ago, we had an "HBCU Day" to raise money to save them from closing and now they've lost their accreditation. They dismantled their plan to have a football team and are allowing their students to transfer to Livingstone, Johnson C Smith and Shaw.
hmmm....asked around, no one knows of this so called "Mr. CIAA" or of 75% of those schools listed.
Designers and shops beg that man to wear their threads. He usually has an outfit that corresponds to the colors of every school in the conference. BTW, speaking of that HBCU All-Star game. . . ****. . . um, 100,000 people at the turnstile. I don't think that HBCU All-Star Game is coming close to that, any time soon. Truthfully, they need to bring the game up to the basketball-oriented states in the mid-east. If I'm not mistaken Alabama has more HBCU's than NC, so I don't think anyone was thinking "more is better". But when asked which is the best HBCU state, even out-of-staters are claiming we're ahead. Georgia's biggest Black College Football game doesn't even feature teams from the state of Georgia. :roll:
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2001Pirate from Durham, NC replied on 08-09-2004 11:25AM [Reply]
Does GA even have any big football classics featuring GA schools? That is sad about BSC though. I wish there was some sort of HBCU coalition or consortium to help schools like BSC and MBC, because we can't afford to lose ANY one of our black colleges. BTW, NC has the most 4-year HBCUs to be exact, much more than Alabama. How can anyone not know Mr. CIAA? He is a legend. Even J. Anthony Brown from the Tom Joyner Morning Show started up a recent competition with him every year.
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Deuce_214 from Tallahassee, FL replied on 08-09-2004 12:24PM [Reply]

I knew I wasn't the only one that knew about the CIAA Tourney
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ManifestDSTiny33 replied on 08-09-2004 12:29PM [Reply]
this is going to be where I say.. I don't care... the only BCU I care about is in DC.. however, IF I DID care, I'd say that GA has the higher concentration of GOOD HBCUs and not just the number.... NC has some OK HBCUs.. but then again.. my opinion doesn't matter, cuz I don't care...
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