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When is TOO much? Posted on 08-11-2004

To put this simply...Planning on doing big things this spring. I've been geeked to do this since I was in the 8th grade. So seeing as I've been preparing since 8th grade...no...seriously...I have a vast amount of information on a certain sorority burned into my memory. And I don't plan on stopping with the reading and researching. BUT a freind of mines told me once told me that greeks were less likely to accept someone into their flanks when there is nothing to teach , because learning is a big part of the process. Now, I can't help that I have this information in my head...my question is. If this is true, do I downplay the knowledge and keep my mouth shut <~ :evil: or do what I do? OHH I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION!! Do greeks so mercy and compassion... My G.P.A. might not be what it should be this spring because ...well some very very sad series of events for my family. Does it matter that I've lost members of my family recently or do I just have to have the G.P.A. no matter what the circumstances? Okay...I'm thru...
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replied on 08-12-2004 01:47PM [Reply]
B-Will2K5 wrote:
Usually no matter how tight you are with the folks in the chapter and how much info you know and how many letters of reccommendation you have...if your GPA is NOT the minimum which is usually somewhere betwen 2.5 and 3.5. YOU ARE INELIGILBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN INTAKE.
This is true with my chapter. You can be cool with all of the members but if your GPA is below the requirements you will not even be considered. It doesn't matter what circumstances you had or how much you try to explain your situation. There are girls who knew every single last girl in my chapter but when it came down to it they were rejected because they didn't have the GPA. You can have all the community service activities and campus involvement under your belt but if you don't meet the GPA requirements you won't even be considered.
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KnowledgableTruth replied on 08-12-2004 04:11PM [Reply]
I to am not greek but I have been through a process and I have brought people through a process Its not possible to know to much...what you know can be an advantage but what your LS's don't know...you don't know and you have to remember that...you can't just go spitting info that everyone on your line doesn't know because when you are on line...you no longer have a name...you have a line name and you are one...you'd get in more trouble for knowing info that your sisters don't know than all of you knowing it
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replied on 08-12-2004 10:51PM [Reply]
8) good question and answers
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Trauma_Unit14 replied on 08-13-2004 07:33PM [Reply]
JadeKiss wrote:
Trauma_Unit14 wrote:
Question for you. If you know that scholarship is important, why aren't you trying to spend your valuable time getting your grades up, instead of worrying about pledging? It seems like you have your priorities a little out of order.
See thats the sweet thing about me. I can do BOTH. I'm like Windows XP...I can multi task! But its kinda hard to pull up a semseter worth of low grades when all of the drama JUST happened. My....nevermind...not going into the sad stuff, its not neccessary, happened last august and its been really hard to be there for my family AND be in school. Now not to worry, I've done a VERY good job of bringing up my G.P.A. because I'm dedicated at achiveing and exceling in EVERY aspect of my life, not because of I want to pledge, but because of life. When I said my GPA wasn't doing to good, I meant by a fraction of a point, that's all. My priorities are straight, not obsessed with pledging I was just asking the compassion factor.
When we were accepted, we were told that most people's GPA falls when they are on line, so my chapter doesn't accept people who are right on the minimum. You need room to fall, if that should happen. Another thing that was stressed to us is that 2.5 is the minimum, and Delta is about excellence. My line's GPA was 3.1. And it was told to us after we became Deltas that we shouldn't take a whole bunch of people who just meet the requirement; but take those who exceed it. I hope this info helps. 8)
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jadekiss replied on 08-13-2004 09:57PM [Reply]
Trauma_Unit14 wrote:
Another thing that was stressed to us is that 2.5 is the minimum, and Delta is about excellence. My line's GPA was 3.1. And it was told to us after we became Deltas that we shouldn't take a whole bunch of people who just meet the requirement; but take those who exceed it. I hope this info helps. 8)
That's VERY good insight...I'll definetly write that down in my little ...****...thingie that I keep...
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replied on 08-15-2004 05:51PM [Reply]
WileECoyote06 wrote:
And learning history now, makes it easier, but you can't prepare for the "process" completely.
^^Phrat you aint neva lied...
KnowledgableTruth wrote:
Its not possible to know to much...
This is true! No matter what org you are a part of, the learning process is CONSTANT
C Diddy wrote:
Also...not only will you have to learn history but you'll learn stuff about others on the line as well as those who have come before you.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER :wink: . The bond between your LSs/LBs is arguably the most important part of the process...
B-Will2K5 wrote:
Secondly, no matter how much info you PERSONALLY know...it won't matter during your "process" because every member of the "line" has to be equally knowledgeable. So you may know something but if everyone doesn't know it then you know NOTHING.
That about sums it all up 8) Keep us updated Jade and good luck on your quest to become a ______! :wink:
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replied on 08-19-2004 08:02PM [Reply]
***Taking some hellafied notes***
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replied on 08-23-2004 01:05PM [Reply]
^^^ I have to co-sign...for youngins that don't know better running into a member that slipped through the cracks can give a pretty bad impression of the org. But let that also be a reminder to not let one or two individuals sway you one way or another.
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1FocusedBruh replied on 08-24-2004 02:39PM [Reply]
Let me post some GPA Ranking of our EXCELLENT students within the NPHC.. http://web2.unt.edu/dos/new/gl/charts/NPHC_GradeChart.html DAMN..the Iotas there had a 1.7..Sweet Jesus :lol: The Deltas pulled out a 2.4 GPA..THE AKA's had a 2.9 At Virgina CommonWealth The average GPA for NPHC greeks was a 2.3 GPA.. http://web2.unt.edu/dos/new/gl/charts/NPHC_GradeChart.html But you are right..We all nongreek and greek must strive for the best but we as Greeks will have to start doing what we preach.. How did the Iotas get a 1.7?? That's crazy :evil: :x Yea..to the people that are interested in pledging..Look up the chapter that you want to join and check their GPA's and see where their heads are as a whole..
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Deuce_214 from Tallahassee, FL replied on 08-24-2004 05:47PM [Reply]

u can't really use any stats from UNT cause a lot of professors are racist
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