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Why are you attractive? Posted on 08-19-2004
In Rod We Trust

A lot of dudes say that they like my big ****.
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In Rod We Trust replied on 08-20-2004 10:16AM [Reply]
My height, my personality, my smile, my sense of humor and my straight teddy bear appeal. Oh yea my lips
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replied on 08-20-2004 10:33AM [Reply]
A lot of people say i have an exotic look b/c of my chinky eyes and nice smile....and now that i have loc's that adds to it. But shallow people say i have a nice body they wouldnt mind getting a piece of lol. But do i look like some meat so how the hell you gonna get a piece of me. :roll:
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replied on 08-20-2004 12:04PM [Reply]
Imma have to say my accent.
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WileECoyote06 replied on 08-20-2004 12:30PM [Reply]
I'm funny as hell, intelligent, and have big brown eyes.
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replied on 08-20-2004 12:56PM [Reply]
A lot of people say that my personailty is wonderful (esp dudes) They say that Im not like a lot of females. My cute face-they say its kind of babyish :lol: My big **** which im just now beginning to appreciate My skin and how its nice and butterscotch looking My eyes
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replied on 08-20-2004 01:46PM [Reply]
Most people are attracted to my intelligence, my body (I'm curvy.... but I think I could use a bit more ****), and my sense of humor.... and most of all, my skin.. I used to be self-conscious about being so dark, but now I like it. It glows, literally. 8) Okay, that was my moment of extreme self-confidence. It's over now. :arrow:
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Poody from Sandy Springs, GA replied on 08-20-2004 02:38PM [Reply]
Males probably notice me 1st by my looks. Pretty eyes, nice lil cute body, pretty skin, dress clean even if I'm in b-ball shorts, hair nice, etc. :wink: But after they start talking to me it's mostly personality. I'm a straight clown, nonchalant, cool to talk to and chill wit, etc. 8) if I was a dude shooooot I'd try to holla my damn self :lol:
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EkWoah replied on 08-20-2004 02:54PM [Reply]
^shooot.... somebody lied to you... j/p :lol: :twisted:
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CAN Dancer replied on 08-20-2004 03:27PM [Reply]
Ppl sayi have a fat ****, but personally i dun think its that big its just cuz i have a small waiste so it makes it look bigger. Nice smile but i didnt kno ppl could have **** smiles. Others say my heritage is hot (Greece and Bermuda) but I dont understand that one.
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Kinkee replied on 08-20-2004 04:26PM [Reply]
My personality and sense of humor.
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