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HBCU EMAIL!! Posted on 01-06-2004
Chicago, IL
Alright !!! I have a question!! How come we don't have email on this website???? I mean, how come I can't be ej0385@HBCU-Central.com?????????? WHY????HELP ME UNDERsTAND THIS??? Anyway, I think we should get email on this website! Do you all think it is a good idea???
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In Rod We Trust replied on 01-07-2004 11:22AM [Reply]
Da_Rodfather wrote:
This shouldnt be here. This should go in te questions n suggestions forum
He's Right.............. And 2 Answer ur question EJ............. Being a Web Desginer myself.........And Owning 5 websites of my own.......... I can Tell U this............. it COST MONEY!!!! Y'all already complaining about pop ups and Highlighted Words........... Thats only gonna make things worse............ if Tha Admin isnt Charging for ANY of this or making any money theny he would be rather foolish(or A BIG BALLER) 2 Kick out an extra 2G's a month for storage space, Bandwidth, and Maintence........... So 2 Answer your Ridiculous question.............. HELL NO!!! Now............ Any other questions??? Put them In Tha CORRECT Forum.......... or "Most DELETED Post" will be tha only HBCU-Central Record U will have :roll:
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The Hurricane replied on 01-07-2004 05:44PM [Reply]
Just thought it was odd that they finally sent me an email for the first time that wasnt about about a private message: Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 03:26:43 -0500 To: compuguy15@yahoo.com From: scholarships@hbcu-central.com Add to Address Book Subject: Fastweb College Scholarships Dear Student, Are you interested in finding free scholarship money? http://mocda4.com/1/c/681739/127763/320611/320611 FastWeb.com allows you to search the Internet's largest scholarship database at no cost, so finding free money to pay for college or an advanced degree program has never been easier! Simply complete a short profile to be matched with more than 600,000 scholarship opportunities and instantly receive detailed information on each scholarship for which you may qualify, including award value and application deadlines. It's free, easy and recommended by more than 18,000 High Schools, Colleges and Universities. Click below to start your free scholarship search. http://mocda4.com/1/c/681739/127763/320611/320611 Good luck! HBCU-CENTRAL.COM To Unsubscribe visit: www.hbcu-central.com/cgi-bin/unsubscribe.cgi
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In Rod We Trust replied on 01-08-2004 10:37AM [Reply]
lol......... U gotta Join Tha MAIN site in order 2 get those........... and Subcribe 2 certain thing........ Hell I get sumin every 3 days :roll:
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