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ROMEO & JULIET WEDDING VOWS(9th grade haha!) Posted on 09-11-2004

I just found this today, in 9th grade when we read romeo & juliet we had to rewrite their vows....hahahahahah bear with me. . . romeo in blue, juliet in red Juliet, my babygirl, I never thought that I would be hooked up for holy matrimony with the finest eyes could see Well Romeo, My babyboy, I never thought that I would be head over helels in love with the only one I've claimed my enemy But you pursued me then you wooed me and your loving acts ran through me, and subdued me. Now I'm here in this church as your wife-to-be I Guess that old adage is true Dreams can become reality Boy you ain't never lied! That's the truth, and the the truth has set us free- My "wife-to-be." Now that, if nothing else, is music to my ears because this morning waiting for you call took 'bout 300 years I lied awake, and thought of all the things that we will come to share The kids The days The nights the ways I shall think up to quell your fears- To quell my fears? What fears? The fear that you think my love as untrue. So everyday after this holy kiss I'll make it up to you Explain If e'er you want the moon, my love, retrieving it's no pain And if that means rejecting Pops, than so what? I'll have you to gain. Whene'er the world gets rough, my shoulders are here for you, and the boulders that may block your way I'll knock astray And your love won't be in vain I know it won't be in vain, for the word "vain" I do not know the definition, if it is related to you, For the mission of the rest of my life is exclus' devotion to you So if e'er you think my love untrue, dismiss the notion. Like the song goes, You're the raindrops, I'm a seed Add love, and I'll grow beautfiully I love you, mind, body , and soul So let's our destiny's control.
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goodtwin77 replied on 09-11-2004 09:24PM [Reply]
thats slick i like it
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replied on 09-14-2004 12:00PM [Reply]
I like that. We had to do something similar, but we had to re-write the balcony scene. It was really tight. *snaps and claps*
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Wisdom_Tree from Texas City, TX replied on 10-16-2004 12:16PM [Reply]
Wherefor art thou....Shakespeare had to be black. "Ay ROMIE?!?! WHERE YOU AT NUCCA??" "Shut up b*tch Im climbin, sh*t!" "Oh, you right, you right." :arrow:
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