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Fisk Places Moratorium on Greeks Posted on 09-24-2004

Hazing Incident Leads To Moratorium on Greek System Posted: 9/21/2004 6:00:00 PM Updated: 9/22/2004 10:17:14 AM http://www.newschannel5.com/content/news/6977.asp A **** case of hazing has led to a crackdown on fraternities and sororities at Fisk University. A student was allegedly beaten during a recent initiation with the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. “We have a tribunal that they will go under. If the allegation is proven then they will face a suspension on campus,” Fisk University spokeswoman Brianna Latham said. The allegation involved a hazing incident that happened off campus. Officials said a pledge was beaten on buttocks with a paddle so severely that he was unable to walk immediately after the incident. The student will be okay, but the university is cracking down, officials said. “Our main thing to make sure no one is in jeopardy,” Latham said. There are no fraternity or sorority houses on campus. The university’s new president, Hazel O'Leary, wants to send a strong message that hazing will not be permitted. That’s why she placed a one-year moratorium for all Greek activities on campus, Latham said. That means no more recruiting, parties or gatherings of any kind for any of the eight Greek chapters. A member of one of the other fraternities, Eli Ivey, said most members discourage hazing, but sometimes it's difficult to control. “Each fraternity has guidelines, but there are bad apples that make it look bad for everybody,” Ivey said. University officials said if there are further reports of hazing of any kind the university may move to eliminate the Greek system all together.
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IdealOne007 from Asheville, NC replied on 09-24-2004 09:16PM [Reply]

People just don't know when to stop. :roll:
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JDub replied on 09-25-2004 12:15PM [Reply]
I'm not apart of greekdom, but when an interest goes through the process, this suppose to teach the person moral/values of the organization. Hazing is wrong either way you put it and should not be allowed!!!
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replied on 09-28-2004 02:52PM [Reply]
As much as we know it needs to stop... it happens. All we can do is watch out for our respective chapters and not let it go on there.
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baby_diva_04 from Sugarland, TX replied on 09-29-2004 03:36PM [Reply]

Damn, what's up with the Kappas and all this unneccessary hazing? I go to LSU, yeah I know it's not an HBCU, and our Kappas have been suspended for at least a year and can't come back til June of 2006! They beat this boy with a paddle so bad that he had to get skin graphs on his ****. wtf? Now I dunno if that's all the way true, but I've heard that story from too many people. Well, I just felt like adding to the post. Bye
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