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THE BULLETIN BOARD!!! Posted on 09-24-2004
Soundcheck 1898

I figured we needed an area in here to post whats going on in the AUC... SOOOOOOOO... if you have an event you are trying to promote or want everybody to go to, post it here. Anybody interested in the Dark Tower Project or even knowing what it is IM me at theloniusfunk360 (AIM), or email me at nathanjmayes@yahoo.com to get details. Its some tight stuff, right now we are really looking for people over at Spelman and CAU to help out with those chapters, we really need more woman power so to speak in order to pull off some of the events coming up. UPCOMING EVENTS BY DTP: :arrow: DEF POETRY SLAM (Homecoming Week) :arrow: PRIVATE LISTENING PARTY (Hard Rock Cafe) :arrow: PRIVATE MOVIE SCREENING "SAW" (its a suspense movie by Danny Glover, if its like anything we did last year he'll be there at the actual screening along with some other VIPs). (YOU REALLY HAVE TO HOLLA AT ME FOR THIS IF YOUR INTERESTED, we tend to dues paying members of DTP first but if we have some left, a good chance u might get the hook up with the ticket). We have ish load of stuff coming up, but this is the stuff i can think of off the top of my head... Tell your friends about this forum especially the AUC one because it should be getting live again around Homecoming time. Phi Mu Alpha events: :arrow: A.I.M. (Art In the Making): It'll be the first ever joint pageant by Phi Mu Alpha (Xi Eta) and Sigma Alpha Iota (Zeta Phi) for our courts... our pageants are usually like no other so come thru... Sale Hall Chapel Saturday Oct 2nd 8:03PM We also have a house party coming up (maybe at club not sure yet... house parties are better in my opinion). The one we had last year was one of the best parties i've been to in my 2 1/4 years here so I'm really looking forward to this one... However, we are extra exclusive so holla at me if you want to come thru... (just looking out for my HBCU crew). Underage drinking is very bad...
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replied on 10-06-2004 03:29PM [Reply]
Well yesterday Kurtis Blow was on Spelman Campus, and the turnout was decent, which i found kinda sad because he is in the same league as run dmc and others who were the first hip hoppers out there and thought more people shoulda been there, but then again it was poorly advertised. There is a new organization at spelman, directed towards those who are of caribbean descent, caribbean, or just like caribbean people. It is tomorrow (thursday) @ 7pm in upper manley on spelmans campus. I am not sure if its an AUC thing, but i figure the more the merrier. The Spelman Chapter of the AUC Tristate Club is having a general body meeting @ 6:30 (i think if not 6:30 6) in howe hall aka rocafeller. today (wednesday) That is all i can think of right now.
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The Hurricane replied on 10-09-2004 12:00AM [Reply]
yea SOUNDCHECK the pageant was hot. Major props
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replied on 10-09-2004 07:33PM [Reply]
There is a House party tonight (oct 9) on 1297 Lucile Ave. zipcode 30310 doors open at 11pm ladies free till 12. For Freshman and Sophomores at Spelman there is freshman/sophmore credit event. Monday at 6:30pm in cosby they are showing franheight 9-11. (they are also showing the same movie in cosby on sunday, but its not for credit.)
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The Hurricane replied on 10-13-2004 07:53PM [Reply]
BLACK ENTERPRISE ANNOUNCES THE 50 BEST COLLEGES FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS MOREHOUSE RANKS #1 THREE TIMES IN A ROW ATLANTA, Sept. 16, 2004 – BLACK ENTERPRISE today announced its 2004 list of the 50 Best Colleges & Universities for African Americans. The BE Top Colleges report, which debuted in January 1999, was developed in collaboration with Thomas A. LaVeist, Ph.D., author of the DayStar Guide to Colleges for African Americans and professor of health policy, management, and sociology at Johns Hopkins University. Of the 10 highest ranking schools for 2004, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) hold five of the top 10 positions; seven of the top 10 are located in the South; and nine of the top 10 are private institutions. Attaining the No. 1 rank is Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. Morehouse is the nation’s largest private liberal arts institution for African American men. The college previously achieved the top spot in 2003 and 2001. “We could not be more proud of this honor, nor more committed to continuing our historic mission,” said Dr. Walter E. Massey, president of Morehouse College. “For more than 137 years, Morehouse has enjoyed a reputation for academic excellence, which has produced some of the nation’s most outstanding leaders. We are proud to aim even higher as we move into the 21st century.” Closely following Morehouse is No. 2 ranked Spelman College in Atlanta. Both Spelman and Morehouse are part of the Atlanta University Center, which shares students, faculty, and resources. Spelman’s urban setting and high academic reputation were instrumental in accomplishing its rank as a top college. "We are proud of the work that we are doing at Spelman College and appreciate the recognition that this ranking represents," says President Beverly Daniel Tatum. "It is empowering for young black women to come to our campus, an institution where they can say, 'This place was built for me, and it is nothing less than the best.’” The historically black college for women previously ranked No. 1 in 1999. Rounding out the top 10 are: No. 3, Hampton University, Hampton, Va.; No. 4, Howard University, Washington, D.C.; No. 5, Xavier University, New Orleans, La.; No. 6, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Fla.; No. 7, Stanford University, Stanford, Ca.; No. 8, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.; No. 9, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., and No. 10, Duke University, Durham N.C. The goal of the 50 Best Colleges for African Americans survey was to be as inclusive as possible while targeting schools that would be of interest to black students. Four hundred and eighty-two colleges were selected based on the following criteria: accredited four-year colleges in which black enrollment was at least 3%, or colleges that are large or well known. BE surveyed a group of 1,855 black higher education professionals with titles such as president, chancellor, and provost. Each was asked to rate schools based on whether they felt the institutions provided a good social and educational environment for African Americans. Schools were categorized according to the college classification protocol developed by U.S. News and World Report, which is a modified version of the protocol developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Survey respondents were asked to rate only schools that they were knowledgeable about. The results were then narrowed to the published Top 50. The complete list of the 50 Best Colleges for African Americans appears in the October BLACK ENTERPRISE, which hits newsstands on Sept. 21.
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replied on 10-14-2004 01:25PM [Reply]
CASA (the auc caribbean association) is having a panel discussion on Thursday October 21, i think they will be discussing the effects that '1st world' countries have on '3rd world countries' and the effects that the **** had on haiti and grenada. They will be collect food, clothes, and money is always a plus.
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Spelmanlady08 replied on 03-18-2005 06:24PM [Reply]
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