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Love can be like magic... Posted on 09-27-2004

:cry: But like magic...it could all be just an illusion. See I thought it was my destiny made to love him my lips to kiss him you know... like Levert said. Stupid silly lies filling my head because now I don't know what connects us deep understanding or some funny kinda lust.. Bull. Sh!t. According to this man This man who I built my dreams around because he let me and let me believe my foundations where solid he considers me old news A dull gold medallion resting agianst his shiny new platinum chain Bling. He wishes now NOT to trace the outlines of my love...that same love that kept him sane that same love that was his better half that same love...but NOW his desire is to run his hands across the passion of another woman. What has that **** done for him? There is no answer. ::sighs:: This is what nothing feels like. I'm tired. Tired. Tired. TIRED. The energy that I put into this man ::Crying::: has me wasted away. I'm love drained. and I don't understand how I allowed myself to love someone SO deeply, yet so blindly. This isn't fair. I deserve better.... not the trophy..but could I atleast get a ribbon for good merit or something? DAMN! This isn't a poem...its pity... Pity that doesn't rhyme...
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In Rod We Trust replied on 09-27-2004 08:42AM [Reply]
Damn *Hugz Ashley*
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jadekiss replied on 10-01-2004 01:48PM [Reply]
Rod...thank you.... Kenya...you are a fool! :lol:
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Wisdom_Tree replied on 10-16-2004 12:12PM [Reply]
I guess when we find a true medium for love then we find that truly special one. Youve got alotta heart kid. (poem unratable) :arrow:
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jadekiss replied on 10-31-2004 02:05AM [Reply]
Thank you Tres. On another note, you know whats funny...when you go back and read something you wrote on a whim...that little bit of crying I did in this poem...wasn't that just a little bit melodramatic...had me lauging when I read it twice...
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In Rod We Trust replied on 11-01-2004 09:32AM [Reply]
no, the crying was placed correctly if u live through this poem and that is what u did. YOU LIVED. I could feel raw emotion here and it made me feel for you..... keep it up
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