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WE GOT ROOM KEYS Posted on 10-05-2004
H Pirate08
Asheville, NC
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NeoSoulBrotha replied on 10-06-2004 02:09PM [Reply]
atlprincess wrote:
Why you say that? Are you leaving or something? And would you by chance know how I can put a picture in my signature?
How to create your Signature 1. Get a free account at www.imagestation.com. This is where your jpg file is going to be stored. Since you can't actually upload that pic to the HBCU site, you need a hosting service so you can link to the file. 2. Upload your jpg at imagestation. 3. Go into your album and select the picture you want to use. It should open up a new window with the picture in it. 4. Right click on the picture. You should get a menu like this: Highlight the URL (where the arrow is pointing), right click, copy. 5. Go to your profile menu in Hbcu-Connect.com. In the "signature" field, type Voila, you're done. If you still need help, see my post in the "Problems" forum under How to Create your Avatar. Hope this helps. Holla!
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HamptonSweetie replied on 10-06-2004 06:09PM [Reply]
EDDIE IS SUCH A BAMMA!!! anyways...open house better be off the hook yall...lol...im sure it will be
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atlprincess replied on 10-06-2004 06:39PM [Reply]
Thank you so much. It worked.
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sweetdria replied on 10-20-2004 04:10AM [Reply]
has anyone seen me at school b4? i think i look kinda the same as in my pics :roll: i'm on the left in both pictures
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CTeazy from Los Angeles, CA replied on 10-20-2004 12:49PM [Reply]

I have seen some of ya'll round campus. I just choose not to speak, it would be kinda odd to call out to someone you post on the same internet board with. So I'll guess I'll start speaking when I see ya'll. I've seen a lot of ya'll specially cuz I was here this summer.
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NeoSoulBrotha replied on 10-22-2004 01:23AM [Reply]
If y'all see me, don't act like a stranger. 8) Holla!
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d.blaze replied on 10-25-2004 03:02AM [Reply]
lol i harassed ^^^ on the elevator once :lol:
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d.blaze replied on 10-25-2004 03:05AM [Reply]
i think i've seen "dria" a couple times i know i've seen most of yall (or yall have seen me ehh either way) but yea it is weird havin ppl just holla outta no wurrz ...wow i barely come on here anymore
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sweetdria replied on 10-27-2004 02:02AM [Reply]
i've seen ashley and eddie, but i don't think i've seen the other girl and i don't know what darius looks like. if u guys see me around plz say something to me cause i love to meet new ppl. I'm excited about James open house on Thursday. Is neone else in james or james sister dorms?
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