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Flipside: What made u happy 2day? Posted on 10-12-2004

Well my day has been good so far. Class was good and i ran into an old friend from last year and it was like a breath of fresh air 2 see and talk 2 her. I'm single again but not that happy about that but it will work 4 now. I had 2 applepies from Mickey D's last night so that made me happy az hell. And now i'm about 2go eat.....
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replied on 10-21-2004 07:36PM [Reply]
:arrow: It's almost Saturday :arrow: I got some German Chocolate Cake from the cafe!(It is good) :arrow: I took a nap :arrow: My friend did good on her chemistry test(she was going crazy)
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jadekiss replied on 10-21-2004 07:41PM [Reply]
Im haaaaaaaaaapy 1. I finally got my car to Greensboro 2. 95 Altima in superior condition for 600..please I should be happy for the rest of the year! 3. I finally believe I'm getting over my boyfreind.... 4. I brought a new lamp...and its purdy..
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Enigma2k8 replied on 10-21-2004 11:01PM [Reply]
BrandedBison08 wrote:
Im feeling 110% better today
Cosigns...talked to my community director about everything that stressed me out, and he advised me on how to deal with my problems
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replied on 10-21-2004 11:05PM [Reply]
dude i gotta DELL that made me happy and i saw one of my old teachers
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replied on 10-22-2004 03:18PM [Reply]
Wraped up some tracks Talks going good on getting inked Working good, Eating good And now that baseball is over i can watch my Pistons bring it back home
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replied on 10-22-2004 03:36PM [Reply]
Nothing bad has happened
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replied on 10-22-2004 04:07PM [Reply]
WHAT MADE BRAN HAPPY TODAY!?!? taking one of the best naps of my recent memory finally feeling like I'm beginning to kick this sinus infection getting back to band practice. though those fools get on my nerves sometimes, they're really my family away from home and I missed them. All my big brothers. and my sisters, too.
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Kinkee replied on 10-22-2004 04:16PM [Reply]
It is FRIDAY! Time for another boring weekend on campus. Now that I think about it, I have left every weekend for the past 2 weeks.
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dazzlin' replied on 10-23-2004 12:14AM [Reply]
I'm frickin' happy today I looked on panther tracks at my midterms grades. I got 5 A's and 1 B. I'm on track to have a 3.8 at the end of the semester. On the "What **** you off 2day?" post I was talking about the $9 bounced check that I was going to have to pay $41 for. Well today I found out that the University finally got around to my refund check. It'll be enough to cover the check plus some.
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replied on 10-24-2004 06:27PM [Reply]
Well it's cool Nice day out side And later i'm gonna go see this movie The Grudge I hear that it is the a real screemer and maybe the best sense well hell a long time. But yeah yeah and oh yeah my fAN fOOTBALL TEAM ON HBCU IS ON A ROLL AND SMASHING EVERYTEAM ON IT'S WAY 2 THE TOP
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