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Ladies and Gents Can I get ya'll honesty please Posted on 10-19-2004

Anywhere, FL
I wuz juzt foolin around when I get **** I write poetry LOL. Time Something I don't really manage well although I really try. See I try to plan everything like when I want to meet you and how I want everything to be. I wanted to meet you at the homcoming game so that you could place the name with the face. Now I realize that its funny how time flys and take its toll. So now I will let time run its course and whatever it decides to it I won't object because I need to meet you so it won't be something I regret. How? How did I end up ever wanting you? You were someone who dared me to try something new. Ever since then I wanted to know more about you from the things you like to everything you do. YOu change my life but right now you'll never know because I am afraid of meeting you ans seeing the look on your face. I 'm afraid your presence I might disgrace. So for now I'll admire you from afar because of my fear to know who you really are. Why Me? Why do things like this only happened to me? I could sworn yesterday that he told me I was pretty. Why is he the only one my heart, mind, body and soul longs for? Why is he the one I can't ignore? Why am I always sad? Simply put because he's the one I never had. Love Some people seem to think they know the one and only defenition of love. In reality there is no set defenition of this scared word. It cannot be definied. Love is something that you feel. Yes there are many different types and kinds of love. However the love felt between a man and a woman is a strong bond that can never be broken if it is truely ment to be. No man can put assunder to what God has promised will be. From ever nervous breathe taken to the chills and goosebumps that never go away. They way that person makes you feel is something that was ment to be real. Love is what love is. Something That anyone can feel. Love has no set form. Time is what it uses to path its own course. Not something that is always rushed into love should be kind, giving, and gentle. Love grows like a flower day by day and the love I feel for you will never go away. From Me to You The first time I saw you I looked from afar to see the finest basketball player my friends called a star. I looked at you and I knew that you were the one. The one who makes my heart soar the one who makes me long for something more. Everytime I see you I can't ignore the way you make my mind, body, heart and soul want you. When I look into your eyes I see what I've been hoping and prying for. I know I have underestimated myself by not being honest with myself. The fact remains that I have wanted to meet you and tell you for as long as I can remember but I wanted everything to be perfect and flawless. I wanted the timing to be right I wanted my first impression to be dynamite. I have learned that you can't plan every singel detail of your life and expect everything to go right. I guess no time is better that the present so I am praying that I get to formally meet you before I go off to college but if I don't and my efforts have failed I hope your impression of me is well. Could ya'll give me ya honest responses please. Thanx, Tiffany
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SC_Shawty from Columbia, SC replied on 10-31-2004 02:14AM [Reply]

Ummm....Ummmm....Ummm... :?: :?: :?: , Im speechless
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GaPeAcH replied on 10-31-2004 06:39PM [Reply]
keep on keepin on gurl
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prettypoet8804 from Hayward, CA replied on 10-31-2004 10:49PM [Reply]

the poems are coo and it's good that you write when you feel upset or angry cuz it's good therapy. my only thing would be to try and write a piece where you don't rhyme. if rhyming is your thing, that's hot, but it's just something i would try.
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