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how do yall feel...RE: Howard step show Posted on 10-31-2004
brooklyn, NY
First off I am not a greek. I dont know how many of yall went to the howard step show or even heard about it...but everything was going well untill one person made a big mistake. lol here's the story... This female (who i assume helped to put the show together) went on stage after the show to anounce the winner and said the name of the first and second place winning faternities wrong not once but twice! The alphas got second place. But she mixed up their name and said something like alpha alpha phi and said sorry and tryed for a second time and said "alpha phi alpha SORORITY inc." and all the greeks in the audience booed her (poor thing) a greek had to take the mic from her and say the alpha's names properly. Then to make it worse she had to say who got first place, which was the kappas and she messed up their name 2wice also so the host who was a kappa took the mic from her. Of course she said sorry again but all the greeks booed even louder. I think that she was obusly nervous. The thing that blew my mind tho is that i thought that she was a greek since all the judges on the panel were members of The Divine Nine. But id like to HOPE that she is not. I was talking to one of my friends who was siting next to me at the show and she said that if that girl wasnt in a sorority and wanted to joinn one she would NEVER be able to because of what she did on stage. Do you agree or disagree? Please keep in mind that this girl was obusly nervous...should she be penalized (sp?) or is ths unforgivable?
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AKAtude from brooklyn, NY replied on 10-31-2004 11:44AM [Reply]
^ sorry about the spelling in that post my hands were moving faster than my mind and the computer wont let me go back and fix it. I am not Illiterate :lol:
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Mr. Howard from New Orleans, LA replied on 10-31-2004 11:50AM [Reply]

she shouldnt be! people make mistakes. she was nervous
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ManifestDSTiny33 replied on 10-31-2004 03:16PM [Reply]
Hmm.. The girl (Renee Alsop) who announced was the Treasurer of the Homecoming Steering Committee.. She was really nervous, cuz she hates public speaking, and they made her do it. It's not unforgivable.. like.. everyone whos greek @ HU knows renee, so its not like serious.. she might get made fun of, but that's not a big deal.. shyt... trust me, there is so much more that a person can do.. if renee wanted to be a part of a MIP, that would not stop her.. I'm on the Homecoming Committee, so I know her really well, and a lot of greeks too.. So, to clarify, Renee was not a judge, she's not greek, and shyt, she's a senior.. it doesn't matter to her...
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ManifestDSTiny33 replied on 10-31-2004 03:19PM [Reply]
Oh.. and how do you think that the standings should have been at the end? I know that the sorority standings were correct, because the Deltas massacred everybody else (until ol' girl dropped her fan)... but for the guys, who do you think should've won? I wanted the Kappas to win because I'm biased, but the Alphas had the best show. Chequan stepped his **** off, and that lil' boy **** it.. Lots of people think that the Iotas should've won, but the human jump rope was used last year.. Th only thing that was new was the machete idea.. WHAT DO YOU TIHNK?
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Mr. Howard from New Orleans, LA replied on 10-31-2004 05:22PM [Reply]

what did the ques do?
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AKAtude from brooklyn, NY replied on 10-31-2004 11:15PM [Reply]
i thought the Iotas should have won.
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One Thick Diva replied on 10-31-2004 11:29PM [Reply]
I think that the Alphas should have won first place because their theme was on point as well as their overall performance, and I also think that the Iotas had good precision and stage presence. But anyone who has the balls to not just practice, but to perform with swords get props from me. But I can honestly say that I commend the Kappas because most Kappas that I have seen step have dropped their canes... It was actually the best college step show that I have attended. It was realy cute, and I liked the way the DirrtyDirrty was reprsented!!!!! Looking forward to 3 more years at the real HU :arrow:
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ManifestDSTiny33 replied on 10-31-2004 11:46PM [Reply]
Oh.. good question Mr. Howard.. I'll just give a run down of everyone... Iotas: They went first ou ot the D9. It was nice. They were in camo and tanks, w/ cowboy hats. They did the human jump rope, and did this thing where 4 guys swung machetes and jumped and stepped..Doing flips and shyt.... It was one of those "Had to be there" things... They had a City Wide step team. SGRhos: I was not pleased at all. No offense, but they talked a lot of ****about how they were better than the other sororities, but their stepping was sub-par. I honestly don't remember them doing anything that was really nice... It was just mediocre. Their team was from New York. Sigmas: They had a theme where they were in training camp I think, and there was suppsoed to be this greek person that was messing up with their mission. So..... it was okay. They did some nice steps.. that was about it.. I don't even remember it....They had steppers from the HU chapter, Alpha Chapter... Zetas: It was nice. Their theme was that Pandora had opened the box, and she let out an AKA, a Delta, and a SGRho, and now Zeta had to defeat them and keep HOPE alive... It was nice... They stepped in Pumps, but their steps weren't very clean. They had steppers from the HU chapter, Alpha chapter.... AKA: They were doing this whole jungle theme.. they were out in the jungle.. yeah.. they were good. Howaever, they were stepping in flats.. basically dance shoes, because the majority of their show was dancing.. That brings the difficulty level down...I didn't like that, and I was kind of dissapointed. Last year's AKAs were precise.. These ones did not do AKA justice.. but yet and still, they were decent... OOOH.. "Serious MAtter" was probably their best step, next to their APHIA tribute... that went really well with teir Jungle theme...The AKA step team was Alpha Phi chapter from NCAT... Alphas: WOW... these **** did their thing.... It was Beta chapter(HU), and they were supposed to be training this man to fight one of the greek gods.. they used the "Remember the times" video theme from MJ, and it was HOTTT... they had this little boy stepping, and he ABSOLUTELY **** it... Y'all don't know Chequan, but he is the Pres of Beta chapter, and I think he was the step master for their show.. he stepped his **** off...It was crazy.. they should have won... Kappas: They did win for the frats... The steppers were from the Kappa Chi DC City Wide chapter.... They did this thing where some guy got sentenced to death and he got to do his final confessions, where he basically explained all the exaggerations and truths about KAPsi. It was funny, cuz they had this girl come out, and start playing the viola, while the steppers were in these black hoods, then when she started playing "Overnight Celebrity", they came out of the hoods to display their white suits and striped kanes.... it was a beautiful thing.. Although no one DROPPED their kane, there was one bobble. They did this thing where they hooked two kanes and swung them, while the other guys jumped, and then threw the kanes back to the rightful owners.. It was another one of those "had to be there" things.. they did a good job. Omegas: Alpha Chapter Omegas don't really step.. they hop more.... but I mean.. its ok, becasue They will always be traditional, and you have to respect that. It was aiight.. nuthing major... Deltas: They **** it... They were extremely precise, and even people who hate on them had to admit that their presentation was nice. They were in a japanese geisha theme, where they had to fight this adversary.. whatever, but they did the best tributes to the frats.. They were really clean and synchronized, and there were a lot of them.... At the very beginning, some girl dropped her fan, but it was OKAY.... By 30 seconds later, you had forgotten that she dropped it.. thats how good their performance was... nuff said.. Alpha Nu Omega: This christian frat/sorority was amazing.. there were 10 people stepping, and it was really nice. They were representing for Christ .... I liked it.. Lady Raiders: These ladies are the step team from Eleanor Roosevelt Hiigh School. They were stepping in silver sparkly stiletto pumps, and they were better than the SGRhos, the Zetas, and probably the AKAs.. fun fact: their coach has to have been an AKA.. I think they had their "mirrors" and their "A" hands out more than the AKAs... those girls are going to be serious when they get to college... Kappas and Deltas won... The show was really long cuz we kept endorsing **** (who gave our school over 70 mill..).. Over 7000 people were at attendance.... each ticket was at least 20 bucks.. so HUHSC (Howard University Homecoming Steering Committee) made over $140,000 dollars....
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Mr. Howard from New Orleans, LA replied on 11-01-2004 01:08AM [Reply]

thats wuz up. i heard it was a good show.
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