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Religion: a form of control or REAL? Posted on 01-25-2004

I'm a son of a preacher man, but i have my questions about religion too. I know God is real but sometimes i get confused. So to you all religious people think about this. Was religion created to control people (remember: in the old testament there were no police men) or is religion REAL?
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replied on 05-01-2004 12:03PM [Reply]
RevolutionarySistah You said a mouth full, I think that many of our people use religion to justify their actions, and will blame their actions on GOD or the Devil which everyone meet thier needs at the time. For those who are spiritaul whp belive in peace and serinity are the rare ones and if you notice uselly are the onces who are concedered wierd. I know personally i do not like the herd our cow mentallity. Each person path is diffrent. I think that all a person could do is try to treat people like they want to be treated, this is the first step, next step is to stop trying to seek others approvel this is where the controll factor comes in to play, last but not least pray to the creator God is not limited to just one religion. Peace and Prosperity
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Punk'd replied on 05-01-2004 05:13PM [Reply]
neosoulgurl89 wrote:
Cupid Valentino wrote:
After much thought, I've come to the conclusion that however real religion may have been when it began, its current incarnation is a form of control. Kings used religion to justify their claim to their thrones. **** owners used religion to justify the use of slaves. Remember though it may be the Word of God, it is still written by the Hand of Man. I think its stupid that some people buy into the words within the bible so quickly without analyzing the past behind the book. There's still knowledge in it, but you have to take that with a grain of salt and realize that there is also some "artificial additives."
All very valid points :!: I agree 200%!!!!!!!! And just out of curiousity, what's your religion, [if you don't mind me asking] :?: PEACE
Thas a really complex answer. Despite what some people may think I am not agnostic nor am I atheist. I do believe in Christ, but I'm a little skeptical about calling myself a Christian. We'll just say that I'm more of a spiritual person then a realigious person and leave it at that.
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CaramelCuttie05 replied on 05-14-2004 07:09PM [Reply]
d.blaze wrote:
God is real...Religion is crowded just wanted 2 be different but there's lots of religions so i need a more specific question :?
I get what you're saying, but I feel like this: Every religion is different, but all of them basically lead up to the same objective. It doesn't matter what religion you practice, as long as you believe in what you are being taught and follow your God then you'll be alright. Sometimes I question God. At first I thought that that was a sin until I watched this move in English III (I can't remeber the name). In the movie this well educated college student was saying how you should question everything and never believe what people are telling you. Like is the grass really green and if so who says so, the white man? Who says that up is up or down is down, why can't it be to opposite? Have you all ever wondered about that? Why is blue called blue and not red? Well that's how I feel about religion sometimes, and I have questioned rather it's a form of control.
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kappanup from washington, DC replied on 05-19-2004 05:00PM [Reply]

ALL i can say is well done people....I assumed off top that it was going to be a lot of holy rollers in here talking about we going to hell for questioning what man told us is the truth. I noticed a trend also of many people that think critically attends either Howard or Hampton. I wonder if these ideas come from the nurturing education at these great schools. Just a thought.... oh yeah... And I do believe that religion is a way to control and yes christianity is not the black mans original language it was forced on us by white **** masters. Also food for thought... The practice of Voodoo or more proper terms Vodun is not evil...but why do we think of it as a devilish religion?
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Punk'd replied on 05-19-2004 05:06PM [Reply]
^^^Thank you. Vodun is not devil worship. The concept of a devil is something that Christians cooked up. Vodou was in practice in Africa long before Christinaity even came around. In fact, Vodou is the ONLY surviving religion that was African in nature and origin.
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maddbaron from new york, NY replied on 05-21-2004 01:35PM [Reply]
Peace. Religion when used to inspire and guide and give strength to those who need it is ok but nowadays if you aren't a christian/catholic you are considered vile and unpure or misguided.There is the control for some. In essense you must be one so that you can feel the love of other's.Control. There are religions that are older than Christianity but b/c Christianity was written,rewritten and imposed upon slaves and passed down many people don't question it.Control. Man started in Africa, Man was dark skinned but in the churches on the crosses you see a representation of a white male, white religious leaders and not a mention of Africa especially in AmeriKKKA if you go to amsterdam or italy or the switzerland you will see black figures from religion. In the US if you are black you must be a chrisitan or maybe even jewish, since those are the two most powerful economic religions in the world, and that is somewhat ignorant for example i was speaking to a friend of mines and I was relating to him my quest to find God and his purpose and that I have more of a feeling for Islam and less of a feeling for Chrisitanity, some girl who was sitting behind us got up and got next to me and was like who brainwashed you, Christianity, Jesus Christ is the only way...I allowed her to speak and said thanks for you opinion but Chrisitanity in its current form whitewashed and man made and I expressed that to her but her narrowmind wrote my words off as not loving myself(btw I am not Islamic but I do follow some of its teachings) ...but it is what you make of it some people need to be religious and that is fine but a lot of people attempt to impose their views on other's to convert them when honestly convert to what? A stolen religion that has been written to keep us down and keep us tied to the powers that be so we don't express our views in many places. For example Eygptian Mystery System is the basis for Christianity it is almost word for word the story of Jesus but the rules of the time needed a white man to hold the slaves and the masses down so out went the Mystery system and in went the control for many people. Read for youself http://www.africawithin.com/black_history/overview_chapter10.html Is Religion a form of control? Yes it is for some,for many who refuse to question and be critical thinkers, for those who accept what they are told what to do and say and expect rather than wonder why they are being told. Is it REAL? Yes to some who are open and understanding to other religions but find comfort and truth in one religion. Peace.
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RevolutionarySistah from Los Angeles, CA replied on 05-21-2004 11:21PM [Reply]

well, I believe, speaking from a Christian point of view, that it is a belief that has been corrupted a great deal. Masters did use it to bring down the slaves, but people also forget that if it were not for that "old time religion" I don't think the slaves would have survived. It gave them a source of strength as well as hope to believe that one day their **** days would be over. The first Christian church was actually in Africa, Egypt to be exact. I am sure though that what started in Africa is totally different from what it has evolved into today. However, christianity is what speaks to me the most, but I don't really believe in knockin' another person's beliefs. As the saying goes "that's between them and their god" Also, is it just me, or do all the religions share the same commonaltites. As an example, doesn't Jesus' story resemble Buddha's?? And isn't it ironic that Judiasm, christianity, and islam branched off from the same basic belief. Even in other cultures, there is always a story about a great hero who serves as a messiah to his/her people?? I think this is God's way of telling us that we are not as different as we seem.
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mseccentrik replied on 05-26-2004 09:48PM [Reply]
Religion, real...... Maybe, maybe not Well as for me and my point of view, I think that its all about faith and going on that journey for yourself. It may sound cliche' but "knowledge is power" Personally, religion is man made, faith and believing in God to me is whats most important. Really any mind that has a thirst for knowledge will question anything, so its not wrong to question religion or what your parents or family members have instilled in you. So go on that search for yourself. Don't be afraid to question or explore. As always..... HOWARD UNIVERSITY The Real HU HU U Know
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michael_02_808 replied on 06-09-2004 08:21PM [Reply]
Lately I've been debating this very issue. In a lot of ways, I think people use religion, specifically fear, guilt, and shame, as a means of controlling people. I'm still trying to "find my way," but for the most part, I agree that religion can and is used to control people.
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replied on 06-10-2004 04:25PM [Reply]
I'm a complete advocate for the religion as a form of control stand point. However,first you have to define what they are controlling and how, then investigate if it's valid. I believe that religions control the minds of people by closing them, but it is solely by the choice of the individual. Just about all religions impose a form of dogma onto their followers or provide a belief structure (ideas on creation, a moral code, etc.) that the individual clings to. This person then lives with this dogma throughout their lives. Then when confronted with any idea that is contrary to their belief system they get defensive, don't listen, or consider the idea invalid. Their mind is closed to other possibilities and they are believing a doctrine that is often imposed on them since birth. The crazy thing about this is that most people don't even research where their religion came from or how the belief structure came into place. What if the religious person asked themselves, "Why do I believe this?". 9 times out of 10 it's because their parents believed it and their parents parents believed it and it goes back. I bet 9 times out of 10 if you were born in Iraq you would be Muslim with no question (or whatever the dominant religion over there is). One last thing then I'm done for now. The Bible is NOT original AND has been tampered with. Jesus. After his death, all of his followers were considered heretic by the state, right? So what happens? About 300 years after his death give or take a couple centuries. The Romans, under emperor Constantine had a meeting about what to do with EARLY(true) Christianity. We don't know what exactly happened at the meeting, but what we do know is now the state is forcing everyone to follow Christianity. Do you think it was the same doctrine that they were just slaughtering anyone who followed that they are now slaughtering anyone who doesn't follow? Neither do I. This is when Christianity changed into a corrupt, mind-controlling faith. Please do the research!
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