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Religion: a form of control or REAL? Posted on 01-25-2004

I'm a son of a preacher man, but i have my questions about religion too. I know God is real but sometimes i get confused. So to you all religious people think about this. Was religion created to control people (remember: in the old testament there were no police men) or is religion REAL?
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hot_coco from Queens, NY replied on 06-10-2004 05:47PM [Reply]

^^^I agree 100%! I hate to get into religious debates, especially since some people just get defensive and ignore the truth. There is history behind all religions. Christianity didn't even become popular until hudreds of years after "Jesus's" death (I would hope that we all know that wasn't his real name......Jesus a Roman name). In fact, some considered it to be a cult.......and as a result, many of it's followers hid the fact that they were Christian. The Bible has been written and re-written many times by numerous emperors, kings, and other figure heads who wanted to control the people who lived under their rule (ie. King James Version.......HIStory, I'm sure :? ). And let's not forget the Christian "holidays" (supposed to be holy days) that are not even Christian in nature.....of course ignoring the fact that they are completely commercialized today (ie. Easter and Christmas....funny how they threw "Christ" in the word even though it originally had nothing to do with him). *Disclaimer: I'm just replying for the sake of history.....I'm not trying to down anyone's religion. I just don't think people should believe everything that is told to them......research it for yourself!
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 06-11-2004 02:57PM [Reply]

Jesus is real!
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replied on 06-14-2004 09:51AM [Reply]
Let's rephrase that. The IMPACT that Jesus left is truly real. But how is that different from the Buddha or Mohammed. If you wanna say that Jesus himself is working in your life, and that is real, then that statement is false. YOU are working in YOUR life in the incredible power that YOU have. Jesus came to teach everyone of their own divinity. That is why he said he was one with his father. He knew who he was, which was one aspect of the infinity of God, the Source. Since all that exists is an expansion of his energy in 3D, and since we all have God in us (the spirit, soul), in truth we all ARE God experiencing life from different perspectives. What makes anyone different from anybody else? Appearance? Voice? Maybe even smell? That's if you go by your senses. And if you go purely by your senses how are you any different from an insect. Senses are easily fooled, and so much more exists outside our range of detection. So the only way to truly define any differences is at the levels of our life essences, our souls. At this level we are all the same and collectively we are one body. Right now our body is dying. To get the topic back on religion.... Maybe no religion is actually bad, but rather all offer a different piece to a huge puzzle. Maybe there is other truth that lies outside what any religion has to offer. I believe so.
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mochabonnie replied on 06-18-2004 05:25AM [Reply]
To get the topic back on religion.... Maybe no religion is actually bad, but rather all offer a different piece to a huge puzzle. Maybe there is other truth that lies outside what any religion has to offer. I believe so.
I am SO loving what REALity said...that's the way I really feel. Although I tend to classify myself as non-denominational Christian most times because my beliefs are more parallel with Christian beliefs, I still have that Hindu mindset that all religions lead to the same road. Personally I believe that if you are a good person, sincere in your beliefs, you will be rewarded. I guess I really don't have a religion myself, and I'm easily adaptable to most faiths, although I do believe in one higher being that created the world. But I believe the real truth often lies outside of religion...and I do believe that religion can be used in different ways. Sometimes it is used to unite people and give them strength; other times it is used to control people and corral them into groups. I mean, look at some of these revivals...and then look at some of the cults that arise. It all depends on what people decide to do with their religion...whether they will follow some man and his doctrines blindly, or whether they will look into their religion deeply and meditate on the meanings.
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Hahaha replied on 06-18-2004 03:06PM [Reply]
HARTline wrote:
cinnamocha wrote:
From the Encarta encyclopedia: The Arabic name for God, Allah, refers to the same God worshiped by Jews and Christians. Allah is just an Arabic word; it's not a name. It means "the God". We studied in history the relation between Judaism, Muslims believe in progressive revelation. So to them, Jesus was an important prophet. True Islam also commands its followers to respect "the people of the Book", Christians. They also regarded the Bible as a holy book, although the Qu'ran was holier, unchanged. Also, as for **** -- most Muslims do not believe in the militant expressions of ****, which is a holy war. The holy war means to most the war against their sinful flesh -- same as most Christians. "Within the faith of Islam, this effort can be individual or collective, and it can apply to leading a virtuous life; helping other Muslims through charity, education, or other means; preaching Islam; and fighting to defend Muslims." As for religion, I tend to think of it not so much created for control, but something people derived to give them hope and purpose. People later used it as a springboard for division, control, and power. But as of right now, I don't really believe it's true...just an inspiring institution of man.
sure...but i ain't bowing down to no allah...i never did get those links, did i? :wink:
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replied on 06-22-2004 01:50AM [Reply]
I always used to get in trouble in school ( catholic school K-12)for questioning what the teachers had to say about relgion. I would question, the sequence that historical content everything. There answer 'faith u have to have faith in god' or 'its a symbolic story' If religion is a symbolic story then why do people take it so seriuosly? Religion to me is something that was created to give humans a sense of stability, something to rely on when there is trouble, something to praise when there is joy. One thing i dont get is why people are so stuck on whose religion is correct. Does it matter? in the end everyone is praising the same thing, but with different names and forms. Religion was created by man, therefore, religion is not real at all in my mind If you wanna ask if the characters in this story are real, maybe my answer would be different. side comment: As a Haitian i always get so u practice voodoo. Many people dont know that what we see vodou as, is actaully how white people portray it to us in movies and books. It is a relgion, it has holidays, it has its dark side ... same as ne religion.
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replied on 06-24-2004 01:11PM [Reply]
RevolutionarySistah wrote:
this is a good topic, so I'm bringin' it back up.....hope ya'll don't mind I believe that religion is a **** of spirituality, which is something that is meant to give one freedom, rather than limitations. Throughout history however, man has created religion sometimes as a means of control. I am a christian, but I feel like if I didn't go to church everyday I'd still be one, because that's what I feel in my heart. Some people go to church just to go, not really getting anything out of it. Due to the foulness that goes on in some churches, many people stay as far a way from them as possible. Even as a christian, it still upsets me that there are like five churches on every corner. I think there are a lot more things we need in the community rather than a bunch of churches. And it kills me when I see Preachers blinging and a majority of their members are under the poverty level. That there ain't right. Now, there are plenty of righteous men of God out there who do try to help out and are not in the church "business." However, these men don't get recognition. TV Church gets me even more upset.....it just all seems so fake. That guy from TBN went to jail for fraud and people still give him money (my grandma being one of them) I think people (not tryna generalize but mostly black people) use religion as an means to cope with living at the bottom, rather than using spirituality as an inspiration to make it to the top. Aiight, so I guess i said what I had to say.
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One Thick Diva replied on 06-28-2004 10:23PM [Reply]
I would like to disagree with the theory that we are all worshipping the same God. From a Christian point of view, our God is not the author of confusion *so says the Bible* so if we were all worshipping the same God with or without doctrination, this discussion would not even be relevent. There would be no need to ask if He exists or even if there will be a punsihment for NOT believing in Him. But I will ask this from a general standpoint. If we all are worshipping the same God in different forms, then why in Hinduism they do not go to heaven or hell but have a belief in reincarnation and why do Christians believe in everlasting torment in the bowls of Hell? Additionally, why do some religions believe in redemption by punishment and ancestor worship and some believe that hell exist, but is different for each individual person? I have a friend that believes that only Mormons go to celestial heaven (The top heaven where they gain God's powers and are able to make their own world and people) that good people go to another heaven and the bad people go to purgatory. The people in top can travel within worlds. I know someone who believes that when all is said and done, that Moses and the rest of the people in the Bible will inhabit earth and that we will show them how to use computers and drive cars, but they don't believe that they will inhabit God's powers. She also believes that only Jehovah's witnesses will enter heaven. How can they both believe that their group of people will only enter the same place at the same time and both these messages come from the same God? I beg to differ. And 'god' is a general term, that is why we were given the name Jesus (Greco - Roman) in the New Testament. That is why in the old testament God denounced the worship of Baal (their supreme god) by sending fire from heaven. If they were worshipping the same God as that prophet, they would not have been reprimanded by death. A house divded will not stand. Yes, I do understand that the Catholic church has pretty much screwed up everything (NOT by the catholic BELIEVERS, BUT THE ONES WHO TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES TO CHANGE THE BIBLE AND CALL THEMSELVES THE AUTHORITY OF THE BIBLE ON EARTH) and that the true message of Chirstianity has been tainted by man, but I also believe that religion is a set of rules, a belief is what you have faith in. Religions have been used to hold people back. But only because they were not able to search and read for themselves. People are in situations but they say 'well I guess I am supposed be miserable for the rest of my life because I have to be passive and submissive because that is what my church or mosque or temple or whatever says.' That is because many don't question their beliefs or have a reason for them. I have faith in Jesus Christ, as a result of my own search for religion and experiences not because of what someone told me. I encourage everyone to find their own reason for the faith they have and not just settle.** I am not by any means 'condemening you to hell' so to speak. I am just sharing a portion of my opinion. **Disclaimer**
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Hebrewwoman from Houston, TX replied on 01-14-2006 10:45PM [Reply]
Shalom to all, Religion is of course is the form of control that this society uses to control it's people however what's real is walking in the faith. Hebrewwoman
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