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Decisive Conviction Posted on 11-02-2004

for the first time i am confused by tres' poetry... :? :?: :arrow:
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In Rod We Trust replied on 11-03-2004 09:35AM [Reply]
I'm not confused read it again think while u read it about what he could be saying............. damnit Tres u too deep baby!!!!
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replied on 11-03-2004 02:40PM [Reply]
BigDaddy Tres wrote:
Random: Decisive Conviction seems like precum to the **** that is the general consciousness called "Deluded Feminine Actuality". Too bad we never bust that Nut.
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Wisdom_Tree from Texas City, TX replied on 11-03-2004 06:38PM [Reply]
AfroPoeticSista wrote:
for the first time i am confused by tres' poetry... :? :?: :arrow:
It can be read i think...three ways (something I do with my poetry). You can read it A) How it is B) Emotionally C)....well C is usually where you find something More in the writing. To see how it applies, i'll just tell you what inspired this. There was an issue I had been dealing with with one of my long time friends. She thinks of me as her own conscience and so I felt like I was a part of her messy thinking. Shed always call me talking about "I love him but he does me wrong but..." and its like everytime she said but it felt like she negated what she said before. Im like, Damn just STICK TO SOMETHING. On a broader scale it shows into the art of our emotion and that something so skillfully crafted has its own purpose in life. Not that I know the purpose, but it has one. :arrow:
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~*Secret*~ replied on 11-21-2004 02:47AM [Reply]
i read A LOT....and i read so many different styles f writing by so many different authors and u honestly write the better than anyone ive read...u have a way with words that.....puts me at a lost for words...i hope i write as well as u one day...that was hot :arrow:
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