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They DISSED Us, Frat!!! Posted on 11-06-2004

Greeks and non greeks when you hear another organization diss another org during a probate. How do you take it? Greeks... Do you laugh it off and take it was entertainment? Is it offensvie when another group publicly disses your organization? Do you decide to retaliate and diss them in a future show? have you ever wanted to duke it out with the org that disrespected your org?? NonGreeks... How do you feel as a spectactor? Do you feel as if the two groups are immature? Does it make the Greek Scene more exicting?
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replied on 11-07-2004 01:29AM [Reply]
As A Non-Greek.... As the spectator, I find it funny. It just the other group imitating another group. Do I find it immature? No, it just keeps the crowd going and entertained. I enjoy it but at the same time, I don't really look at it like the groups are dissing, they are just acting out what they don't wanna do or be like.
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DEHYDRAYSHUN replied on 11-08-2004 01:33AM [Reply]
admistration won't let us diss orgs at probates at morehouse. we had some tight/funny disses in fall 03, but had to take all of them out of the show like the day before. roasting orgs can get offensive depending on how far you go. but for the most part, it's funny.
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WileECoyote06 replied on 11-08-2004 07:31AM [Reply]
The Greeks on our campus are no longer allowed to "roast" organizations either. I don't really see the point, when usually the beef is between individuals. I have seen the Deltas diss a certain nosy AKA though; now that was funny :lol: cuz everyone knew she was nosy as hell.
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1FocusedBruh replied on 11-08-2004 08:26AM [Reply]
That F*cking sucks.. But I can see how they would want to stop the "Roasting"... My line and I were in a all out fight with the Alphas at our probate show.. :wink:
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replied on 11-08-2004 09:44AM [Reply]
The Sigmas dissed at their probate show last spring. I thought it was comical, yet tricky because they were just coming out. Supposely that's when you are supposed to diss I was told by a couple of people... Do I laugh it off? If it's funny, hell yeah I do. Is it offensive? I mean if you take it offensive, I was told before crossing that people would diss my organization in stepshows and probates and that is expected but I mean I wouldn't take it to heart. I may be like, yo that's messed up...but it ends there. Retaliation? It is NEVER that serious. Retaliating just shows that your feelings were hurt. If you know your organization is not what they were "dissing" you about, then why get upset? It doesn't help your org. any better by fighting.
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Dat Man 1914 replied on 11-08-2004 10:44AM [Reply]
It's not meant to be taken seriously, but you know how people always like to catch feelings... :?
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replied on 11-08-2004 03:05PM [Reply]
^^^^So Right!!!
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WileECoyote06 replied on 11-09-2004 09:58AM [Reply]
The roasting was banned, when the AKAs came out one year and looked at the Deltas in the crowd and started shouting : "Look at all these MYRAS!" Most greeks and non-greeks had no idea what they were talking about but the Alphas and Ques, BUSTED out laughing. The Deltas were pretty hot about that.
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replied on 11-09-2004 10:23AM [Reply]
Yeah, it really should never get so serious u plot gettin back at the other organization. My LB's did some hilarious dissing in their probate and we were all rollin. If u take probate trash talk serious... u have to take chants, songs, stereotypes in shows and movies... all of that seriously too.
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