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Ain't it frustrating... Posted on 11-09-2004

P o e t i q R e i g n
Greensboro, NC
...when people mess up your name?? Especially when u KNOW ya name ain't THAT hard to pronounce... people mess up all kindz of namez in all kindz of wayz... What are some ways u've heard your name mispronounced? ok, my name is Jameya...pronounced "juh-MEE-yuh" but i've heard people pronounce it...."juh-MAY-yuh"..."juh-MY-yuh"....nah, but what has taken the cake..."juh-MILL-uh"...and "juh-MILL-YUH"...there isn't ONE DAMN "L" in my name, so y do some folkz insist 2 put @ least one of them jointz in it?!?!?! "juh-mee-yuh" seemz like such the obvious way of pronouncin' it - i just don't understand.... people have gotten a LOT better about pronouncin' it since i've been in college - students AND professors...but **** up 2 high school...GOODness, i heard some of EVERYthing... i don't know if it'z 'cuz i've been thru name mispronunciation so much in my life and therefore try 2 make an effort 2 get people's names right...but most of the time, i spell and pronounce people's names correctly the 1st time...they're alwayz like ...but really, i think some people just think too hard about it, which iz what lead 'em 2 error
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SuperFly replied on 11-09-2004 05:12PM [Reply]
Some of y'all are about to be SOL on some jobs... :twisted:
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replied on 11-09-2004 05:14PM [Reply]
Man I get it all the time.... EDDIE
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replied on 11-09-2004 05:46PM [Reply]
My name is TAI'ESHA pronounced like Tyesha. It isn't that damn hard. :? I get: Tysha Te-esha Ta-esha Tiena and Tanesha (WTF) :roll: There is no N in my damn name. Sometimes I want to yell "My name is Tai'Esha B!tch." But most of the time I just smile and pronounce it correctly for them. When I get tired of hearing them act an a$$ with my name pronounciation and me having to pronounce my name over and over again for people I just tell them to call me Tai (Pronounced TY).
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La replied on 11-09-2004 07:06PM [Reply]
Nahd wrote:
Lady_ J wrote:
I can definitely relate to this thread. When I was younger I use to hate my name cause it was continually mispronounced...and it still is. But I love my name now. Jamila...three syllables pronounced JA-ME-LA. Its easy right??? WRONG. Not for most of these illiterate mofos I have met in my lifetime. I tend to get... :arrow: JA-MEL-A :arrow: JA-MILL-AH :arrow: JA-MY-LA ( WTF :x ) :arrow: JAM-A-LA ( WTF AGAIN :!: :!: :!: :x ) What I hate MOST is when I correctly pronounce my name for peoplewhen they mispronounce it, they are gonna tell me I spell it wrong for how its pronounced. I HATE THAT. How are you gonna tell me how to spell my name. It aint like my parents just made the sh*t up. They found it in a African Baby Name book spelled like that.
awwww that is cute........they picked ya name out of a book damn they cared about you
lol...shutup Princess. :lol: :wink:
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P o e t i q R e i g n from Greensboro, NC replied on 11-09-2004 07:27PM [Reply]

LOL...glad 2 know i am one of a billion goin' thru this crisis... & in reading everyone'z responsez...u know what i've found just SO funny... how the people, in the moment of tryna get ya name right, manage 2 put out EVERY ARRANGEMENT POSSIBLE, EXCEPT 4 the right 1 :lol: :lol: :lol: now THAT'Z funny
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AggieSweetie07 replied on 11-09-2004 07:40PM [Reply]
^^ :lol: :lol:
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ReSe from Winston-Salem, NC replied on 02-24-2005 12:42AM [Reply]

*sings* when you see me in the streets rememberyou dont know meyou mightTHINKmy name isCHAWRESE, CLARESE, CLAIRbut-sigh-you dont know me
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CrunkMonkey85 from Atlanta, GA replied on 02-24-2005 05:35AM [Reply]

My friend's name is "Theron". "Heron" with a T in front. He doesn't bother anymore. "What's your name?" "Theron." "What?" "Theron." "Darren?" "Yeah, that's it." I've never met anybody who had a problem with "Timothy", but my last name, "Obialo" is a whole 'nother issue:
Sound it out with me: oh. BEE. ah. LOW. o-B-ah-LO. Obialo. Spelling: 1. In 6th grade, after going there 2 years, my school realized they were making a terrible mistake: Clearly, I was an Irish negro, and as such they should throw an apostrophe in my name. For 1 semester I was listed as "Tim O'Bialo". It didn't aid pronunciation. 2. This happens whenever my parents buy furniture: Not only does the store misspell our name, they also send us mail for every African who ever set foot inside their store: Richard Abialo, Clarence Abiola, even Clearance Ebola!
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CHiladelphia replied on 02-24-2005 09:39AM [Reply]
SInce my name is real long, like 20 letters, they always cut the "N" off from Christian on the attendance sheey, so when i have subs and stuff they always say Christina :evil: that makes me upset sometimes because that is not my name
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mzballplaya from Shaker Hts, OH replied on 02-24-2005 10:14AM [Reply]

I've been called Mia, Monica, Mariah, Mari,Myria.... everything in the book besides MYA!!!!! My name is Mya! Where do u get Monica and Mariah from!?!?!? AAAHHHH I just wanna hit them! lol MY-A isn't so hard 2 say!!! lol So now a dayz i just use my middle name lol ***whew let me clam down!!!*** lol
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