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TOO Eager for Nalia Posted on 11-11-2004

Is it me or is everyone trying to sport some nalia nowadays? I've seen so many non greek groups with line jackets and shirts with whatever phi this or that. Groups like Naacp, hip hop dance groups even just random groups of friends. I mean what is going on are people that eager for some type of identity? I just wanted to know if others have seen this occuring around there way and what you think about it. I think its fine for certain groups like bands and things but not just at random.
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iiiswideshut replied on 02-20-2006 08:09PM [Reply]
Let us pray, Our father, before you we humbly bow, Bless the haters on this post for they know not what they do. Bless the fine AKA chick who took up for my bro.s on the 3rd or fourth page but sassed me on the last two. Forgive the Fya'll dude for his comments and bless him with enough courage to post his comments under his real name. Give wisdom and understanding so that we can see the vanity in ourselves. Bless the Army, the Airforce, the Navy, and those hard head Marines. Forgive us our trespasses and until there is peace continue to make us strong enough to surpress our enemies for they are many. Eliminate the envy of peers and fill it with respect and courtesy as we have given through the years. Hold our beloved Bro. William Ernest Grimes a devoted Pershing Rifleman who gave his life in the in the civil rights movement in Greensboro, NC close to you as he is the reason we have the plot at A&T around his memorial and that is the the reason why other organization have org. plots on that side of the street. His line brothers erected the plot by his memorial in his honor and we have failed to honor he and you through our unworthiness. In your son's name, Amen and Amen! From an article taken from the web:
We were taking what we were learning seriously. We actually believed in something called democracy and we believed that we had a voice and we made a mistake because we were jailed for trying to exercise those beliefs. And worse than that when the A&T students tried to come and protect their younger brothers and sisters one student was killed. And whoever killed him has never been brought to justice and there were eyewitnesses who still believe to this day that Willie Ernest Grimes was gunned down by the Greensboro Police Department. There were eyewitnesses to that effect and this is one of the cold cases, one of the unsolved murders and then people donít understand why some of us are upset. You can go back and look at the headlines, but I wonít to bore you with that. But this is what the students had to face. Simply from tring to exercise what they believed to be their democratic birthright we had to face excessive use of force. When the police came down at Dudley High School they gassed an entire community. Taking no consideration for the older people who were sitting on their porches trying to figure out what was going on or shooting at the students. I was shot at many times myself. It is amazing that more people were not murdered at that particular point in time. Iíd like to stick this picture in here because of the kind of when you go back and look at the news coverage it is absolutely amazing to look at the news coverage and then to look at the people who were involved. We were high school students. We were young high school students and when I go back and look at where these people are now none of them are locked up in jail. They all have productive situations and I could go through that but thatís another story.
1. The reason the P/R's have a plot A&T is because this brother gave his life. The President of the University (Dudley) so moved by the events, he made it so that the P/R plot was the first to placed on that side of the street by the Presidents building next to the memorial. Bros. used to do a changing of the Guard there every year. I'm not a Aggie P/R and I have painted his memorial. 2. If the Honorable P/R, Bro. William Ernest Grimes does not give his life, no plots to include the Delta's, SG Rhos, KK Psi, AAS, TBS, would exist in those areas. 3. A prime example of the ignorance that has caused the vicious words on this blog. Ask his LB's who we are and what we are and they will tell you when they stop crying... 4. To the creation of our sign, it is the furthest thing from a Alpha snake or an Omega Psi except you would have to be one one of us to understand. 5. You might consider the popularity of Orgs, when talking trash to the gent who think he knows the world but, what really should be considered is the potential power. If the Pershing Family numbers exist below 5, 000 active members nationwide when I or another member talk to an established bro. he has no problem remembering me. To be known nationally in your frat is a wonderful feeling. When you go out of state will they know your line name before you meet. Ha. If 6. Greeks started small, now you're all over, and the significance is leaving. So in ten years when nobody on the yard remembers you and the younger cats can't remember you line name and they dont rep like your line did, will you still think your frat is best and will you still be going hard representing and attending meetings. Ask your finance officer the % of grads that pay dues local state and national. Then ask the % that come to meetings and pay dues. Most will forget the year they pledged, some will not remember their LB's names. That is reality. Will you still be repping, I doubt it, you'll be baby sitting your kids and trying to pay the rent. And then you can appreciate the difference between a member and bro. Ya'll still members. Graduate, put in 10 years work and then you wont care! 7. To Glamer Pearl I give you props for repping your fam, even if you did so in ignorance. If you balling keep balling, if you jealous then stop, cause I want Biggie to rest in peace as well as Pac! Pledging in itself is becoming extinct. The experinces of our predicessors are becoming a rare occurrence. Lawsuits strike fear into our alumnist hearts and in time the ways of the past will cease to exist. True brotherhood is obvious to the fraternal eye. Real people know real frats. I am a product of the old school pledge machine. If I offended members to any frat or sorrority it was not inteded. So in true old school form.... Any other yellow backs who need speak il of My frat can get the wood out and since you know so much come find us, and well show you where you stop and we start. Real wood real bro.s , Yall need to stop acting like you pledged cause yall just got scared. Aint no real frat people on this blog. Thats why you gotta create a fake ID just to spek your mind. Scooney 11, Over! Scooney 11, Out!
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AKAtude from brooklyn, NY replied on 02-20-2006 08:16PM [Reply]
Amen. playboy...wheres the key?
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SoSophistAKAted replied on 02-21-2006 11:18PM [Reply]
look at u...always tryna lock it up and shut stuff down LS...Proceed With Caution indeed....LOL
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AKAtude from brooklyn, NY replied on 02-21-2006 11:33PM [Reply]
lol I c u LS! What can I say, our Prophytes aint lie when they gave me my name
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iiiswideshut replied on 02-22-2006 12:46PM [Reply]
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smc112 replied on 09-14-2007 07:00PM [Reply]
This thread was really funny at the beginning. Laidbackdude got some folks straight. This thread was also a very informative one because I have never heard of any military fraternities or sororities. To answer the original question, it is annoying to see other organizations emulating the Greeks. I know I get mad when I see the Masonic groups wearing paraphernalia like they are Greek. This is a new generation thing for Masonic groups to wear paraphernalia. Masons back in the day only had a ring so I don't know what is going on with these new generation of Masons and Eastern Stars.
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QueenVesh replied on 09-30-2007 10:26PM [Reply]
This is true... I joined the Drama Society and we got line shirts..lol.. I was like * shock face* are u for-real... But oh well that was just apart of the process I guess :-! I still luv it tho.. and we are sooo not a GLO..
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esquireswag from Douglasville, GA replied on 06-08-2011 04:03PM [Reply]

"****yall" wrote:
1st theres a different between the two groups of p/r. their is the white side and then there is the black boys that couldnt get into greek so they decided to try to made a DRILL TEAM FRAT., a frat that tries to be like greeks!!! the black side which say "scooney" was not started in 1894 it was started in the 1960s, its in the pledge books!!! and the white side of pershing rifle dont even knkow what the **** a p/a is? p/a arent looked at by the white side of p/r as being their sisters!!!!!!! in fact if you look in the black p/r book p/a s are just hoes! most of the p/rs dont into the military so they hang around their plot and think about the good ol days and all the wood they traded!! if fact p/rs think that they are so hard b/c they trade wood :lol: ok guys and girls bc (yes girls can be p/rs) every ****ing frat trades wood!!! in fact a white p/r doesnt even know what the hell scooney is!! and who calls off with the same sign. and if you look at a p/r sign its really a que and the alpha snake!!! so go scooney off that ****
1st of all the sign was there before the black grereks where so thats that. black or white we are all family...and ive white ones and they knew it all. so if u not a p/r or p/a get the **** off my frat and my sisters. 2nd the sign actually is a symbol of something. and to drill like we do takes skill and not everyone can do it. thank you. SCOONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Scooney from DETROIT, MI replied on 05-31-2012 10:33PM [Reply]

"PershingRifleman1894" wrote:
Well lets clear up some confusion. The National Society of Pershing Rifles is a Military Fraternity so we do military things. We do the steppin and party hoppin thing 2. We were founded in 1894 by General John J. Pershing. Our company was founded on A&T's campus in 1953 and not once have we been off the yard. We have our plot because our company founders put in for it. Your right, we do have a hand sign and we'll throw it up all day long! I guess you like our nalia and we get ours done here in Greensboro and in SC. We'll give you his number. Any other questions you are more than welcomed to ask. our company website www.prncat.com We are a big organization and we have companys @ HBCU's such as SCSU, HOWARD, HAMPTON, NORFOLK STATE, MORGAN STATE, TUSKEGEE, FAMU, PRARIE VIEW & VA STATE. FSU & NC State and a number of "tradtional schools" also have active companys. Just about every school w/ a strong R.O.T.C. program. So when you see us on our plot dont be shy. We wont bite you, only if you ask us 2!!!! SCOO-NEY!!!

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Scooney from DETROIT, MI replied on 05-31-2012 10:34PM [Reply]

"PershingRifleman1894" wrote:
OBLIGATED TO ROTC??? Where did you get that from? There is no rule or law down here that if you're in ROTC that u have do P/R or P/A. And your right, people dont know about P/R before college like myself. I know alot of P/R's who went Greek and we are still bruhs. We will keep doing our thing. And the GREEK STUFF, well you can have that. We'll keep doing the FRAT STUFF. And yes BLUE & WHITE is off the chain, and we (A&T) are hosting it this year.

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