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TOO Eager for Nalia Posted on 11-11-2004

Is it me or is everyone trying to sport some nalia nowadays? I've seen so many non greek groups with line jackets and shirts with whatever phi this or that. Groups like Naacp, hip hop dance groups even just random groups of friends. I mean what is going on are people that eager for some type of identity? I just wanted to know if others have seen this occuring around there way and what you think about it. I think its fine for certain groups like bands and things but not just at random.
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Scooney from DETROIT, MI replied on 04-21-2013 08:11PM [Reply]


"PershingRifleman1894" wrote:
Well lets clear up some confusion. The National Society of Pershing Rifles is a Military Fraternity so we do military things. We do the steppin and party hoppin thing 2. We were founded in 1894 by General John J. Pershing. Our company was founded on A&T's campus in 1953 and not once have we been off the yard. We have our plot because our company founders put in for it. Your right, we do have a hand sign and we'll throw it up all day long! I guess you like our nalia and we get ours done here in Greensboro and in SC. We'll give you his number. Any other questions you are more than welcomed to ask. our company website www.prncat.com We are a big organization and we have companys @ HBCU's such as SCSU, HOWARD, HAMPTON, NORFOLK STATE, MORGAN STATE, TUSKEGEE, FAMU, PRARIE VIEW & VA STATE. FSU & NC State and a number of "tradtional schools" also have active companys. Just about every school w/ a strong R.O.T.C. program. So when you see us on our plot dont be shy. We wont bite you, only if you ask us 2!!!! SCOO-NEY!!!
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Scooney from DETROIT, MI replied on 04-21-2013 08:14PM [Reply]

Yes they would we do military things in alot of cases its a community inside of a community funny you mention Z-8 because my white brother from up there and I from T-1 talk every week Not to mention the added comradeship of doing everything from Airborne to Ranger school together you don't know P/R so don't Speak P/R Scooney!

"laidbackfella" wrote:
Let me ask a question. Is the P/R handsign a universal handsign that even Colin Powell or Jack Keane or Hugh Shelton would recognize it? My question stems from the fact that more often than not organizations with white founders take on a different personality at HBCU's. Notably Alpha Phi Omega Gamma Sigma Sigma Alpha Kappa Psi Chapter traditions that are staunchly defended sometimes carry not a bit of legitamate currency anywhere else with organizations. These include nalia protocol, handsigns, brands, calls, and sweets. Would these members in the Pledge Class of Spring 04 of P/R Company Z-8: Rochester Institute of Technology Website: http://www.rit.edu/~prarm/ : Have an understanding of how to get Nalia done appropriately? Have an understanding of the significance of handsigns? Have an understanding of the significance of brands? Or how to make sweethearts?
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