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Is it hard to get in Howard? Posted on 11-18-2004

I was wondering if it was hard to get in howard university b/c that is my 1st choice for college. The thing is I'm not the most perfect student. So far I've stayed at a 2.5 g.p.a in high school and I was never involved in that many extracurricular activities. Plus my grades are really bad and I still haven't taken the ACT (not taking SAT). I can apply myself hard it's just my procrastination and laziness. So what do ya'll think and was it hard for y'all?
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replied on 01-15-2008 01:59AM [Reply]
i think its actually better to take ap classes because colleges also look at if u take advantage of ur opportunities. lyk at my high school, we dont have ap, honors, or ib classes. but we can take college classes. dat is even better because it'll show colleges that u can handle college level work because its a college level class, whereas colleges might give u credit for an ap test. and...colleges also look at improvement. so if u did completely miserable ur freshman year and improved throughtout high school, that'll show that you've made a conscious decision to do better and improve ur academics. u can also talk about why u did so bad, but dont say because you were lazy. or you could talk about when u made that decision to do ur best in skool and how you've improved over the years. one more thing....when writing ur essay, make sure u use adjectives. for example, it sounds a whole lot better when u say 'i was president of the regional step team and performed in the community' instead of 'i was on the step team at my high school.' ur not necessarily lying because the city ur high school is in could be defined as region and ur high school is in the community. lol. so think about stuff lyk that. wow that was a lot. haha. i hope that helps...
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CWhoward from houston, TX replied on 03-16-2016 11:58AM [Reply]
"Dec_Prettyboi" wrote:
Howard shouldn't be too hard. They have higher student capacity than some other hbcu's which means alot of room for new people. It's a black school which means they have low"er" expectations for HS SAT scores, gpa's, and work ethic. And they have a lot of money. I got accepted and a full ride with little work and an application sent on the final deadline, but according to them I had a high SAT score which was actually decent according to other schools , so put tha money up for those prep classes. But basically dress your app. up right and make it look like that little bit of extra curricular activity that you had look like a little more than it really was. And also make sure that essay is on point and hopefully you cared enough to get ure gpa high this semester. You might not get too much money from them, but maybe you'll get accepted. Also, don't think that just b/c it's easy to get in that it won't be hard to make it out. Black schools force you to work harder than you ever have and harder than alot of the white schools that probably wouldn't have been as eager to have you.
I wouldn't say that because it's a predominantly black school it has to have lower expectations
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