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MY HAIR BRAIDING NIGHTMARE:*vent* Posted on 11-20-2004

my God Shoya............................... that is TRAUMATIC................. i woulda been in there knucking and bucking................... u need to come to the NY and let my girl hook it up for 120.............
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AggieSweetie07 replied on 11-23-2004 03:00PM [Reply]
Ms. Megan wrote:
Man you way better than me. I would have took that blow dryer, turned it on, blew it in her face and burned her ****. You paying too much money to recieve that treatment. I would contact the better business bureau if I were you. And I'm serious.
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Blutifully Human replied on 11-23-2004 08:02PM [Reply]
Shoya_Star wrote:
*PURE*Kindnezz wrote:
Oh HELLLLLL no! Shoya, that is ridiculous. U stayed there way longer than necessary, cuz i woulda been out that piece the minute that chick threw in the extra 30 bucks. Why are u paying that much to get your hair braided when there are chicks on campus who can do it for HALF that price...maybe cheaper? Plus this heffa wanna insult folks, make them comb out their own hair, have the AUDACITY to use the term "**** hair" & say that perms are a necessity, THEN wanna make some1 comb out their own hair???? Oh hell naw, they would have seen my ethnic side after that. Girl, i know a braider who'd do your hair for about 60, all u need to do is get the hair...NOT human...that mess is too dern expensive. Get synthetic. Ma girl knows how to dip it to make that ish look softer than silk. She stays in cook. Holla if wanna check her out.
lol yeah hook me up, cause it was just god telling me the first time they didnt show up, they didnt need to touch my hair....i got my $180 though, so imma spend that on buying some more x-mas presents for my family...but does she do sengalese twists though??....ill settle for braids for 60 though, HOOK ME UP!...YEAH BUT WORD TO HOWARD STUDENTS! DONT GO TO "SENGALESE AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING" ON GA AVENUE, ADDRESS 2818 GA AVENUE!!!....AGAIN DO NOT GO! i guess i stayed longer than i had to beause i mean, i want to support black businesses, and i felt guilty..... but they just kept trying ME!.....i mean whats the point of having a business if youre gonna be mean to your customers??
Naw, i don't think my girl Eron does twists. I've mainly just seen individuals from her. But i know some girls who have twists that look pretty good. I can ask them where they went and how much the spent. I'll get back to ya on that on that one Shoya
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La replied on 11-23-2004 10:12PM [Reply]
Shoya_Star wrote:
vsuclassychiq wrote:
Shoya_Star wrote:
...and the one comment she said was "wow you did comb your hair, cause this hair fluffed right out, you did look **** when you came in here, like you had **** hair....and i dont do that **** Sh*t...i mean relaxers i think are just a necessity for black women"
OMG, WTH? Aw hell naw, definetly don't go there anymore. Can u go complain to the owners of the salon about this lady (about how she was)?
gurrrll the "manager" was doing someone's hair right beside me when my stylist yelled at her.....yeah i mean thegirl at ANOTHER SALON i usually go to, to braid my hair, I LOVE HER and she loves NATURAL HAIR, but she was out of town for the week for thanksgiving...but yeah ill know better not to go anywhere else....*rubbing head* :evil: ...but the guy next door gave me the number of the guy who OWNS the place...meaning he is never there but he gave the the building, equipment, hired the manager, so im thinking of filing an "**** and mental trauma" complaint :lol: ...that ish was too much, and I STILL NEED MY DAMN HAIR BRAIDED!
You'se a good one....AINT NO WAY...i woulda walked up out that salon without giving that woman a piece of my mind. They woulda had to call the cops on me cause I woulda knocked a b*tch out.
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Its_like_candie replied on 11-24-2004 02:42PM [Reply]
Yea somebody at that place woulda been gettin cussed out for real! That dont make no kinda damn sense. I'd be havin a couple of words wit someone in that establishment! thats one thing i do know!
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replied on 11-29-2004 09:24PM [Reply]
Damn girl... :roll: people can be so ignorant sometimes. Big ups to you though because I would have **** slaped that fool.
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