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Yes or No... Posted on 11-22-2004
Kool 2k6

I'll ask a question, and ya'll answer it with either yes or no...and follow up with another question. Do you think you'll be ready for the workforce after college?
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crstewart14 replied on 04-09-2009 06:03PM [Reply]
NO, he is just bringing something new.... wouldn't really call that rap.... Do you think Spelman College is up there with the Ivy League schools?
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C Nels replied on 04-10-2009 03:36AM [Reply]
No, I know it's down here in the south...Atlanta, GA actually. Should HBCUs aspire to be like Ivy League schools?
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TSUblueTiger replied on 04-13-2009 09:20AM [Reply]
No, HBCUs should aspire to equip their students with the knowledge to excel professionally. Your degree will not make you successful. Your success will be determined by how you utilize the knowledge acquired. Will the stimulus plan improve the economy?
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Sister Tamara from Davenport, IA replied on 05-05-2009 07:58PM [Reply]

PRAISE THE LORD!!! NO, but I applaud Obama for trying something!!! Do you think Facebook is better than Myspace?
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C Nels replied on 05-06-2009 03:52AM [Reply]
Nope Do you "celebrate" your birthday every year? (Celebrate as in have an extravaganza)
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TSUblueTiger replied on 05-06-2009 10:35AM [Reply]
Yes! Do you think we will find an alternative to gas powered cars?
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C Nels replied on 05-06-2009 12:26PM [Reply]
Yes...there are already electrical and vegetable oil vehicles. Can two objects occupy the same space at the same time?
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replied on 05-06-2009 03:57PM [Reply]
yeah. do you think universal healthcare is possible in the U.S.
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C Nels replied on 05-07-2009 03:50AM [Reply]
No Can you go a day without having to listen to any music?
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TSUblueTiger replied on 05-07-2009 08:28AM [Reply]
Yes, but I like Music. Do you think HD radio is better than XM radio? (quality of sound,etc)
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