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THE HIGH IS NOT THE SAME Posted on 11-24-2004

The high is not the same anymore Not the same high when thrown toward the sky And then brought back to hit the ground Only to find that when turned 'round One found that they were worse off than when they started They started, so broken-hearted from self-inflicted injuries Memories of the greenest weed Sought only speed 'cause we felt the need The need not to be slow anymore But what a dreadful bore Because the high is not the same anymore It may not seem right, this untimely fight But it's all to seem righteous, through my peaks and my falls Balls to the walls, not giving a hot dayum About what they think about what I do But I'm through... **** IT!!! I'M GOING TO REHAB!!!
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SC_Shawty from Columbia, SC replied on 11-26-2004 07:36PM [Reply]

LOL, joint is kinda hot though.
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replied on 11-27-2004 12:19AM [Reply]
Thanx. For real it was just a freestyle and I gave it a name when I was done. Just grabbed a pen and started writing on a paper towel. And then I thought, why not share with the fambo!?!?
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In Rod We Trust replied on 11-27-2004 01:43AM [Reply]
SC_Shawty wrote:
LOL, joint is kinda hot though.
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Princess LaRonda replied on 01-02-2005 12:50PM [Reply]
you was high when you wrote this ...... lol anyway fam..... a paper towel? did you write it sittin at a table??? I call that table top poetry....and if you high its table top poetry @ its best most definitely.... this was kinda hot tho
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